Sunday, April 20, 2014

I'm back - and I brought shuttles!

First, there was one ... I had to save up for it, but it gave me time to decide on the kind of wood I wanted.  Randy Houtz directed me to a website with pictures of the woods he could use to create my shuttle, and I really liked the bloodwood.  As it's aged, it resembles mahogany - so I get asked (a lot!) if it really is mahogany, and where I got it.  I 'fess up that it's not really mahogany, but bloodwood - and mention that The Shuttle Brothers are online and still taking orders.
Have you noticed?  Shuttles are worse than salted peanuts or potato chips - we always want more.  So ... several years after enjoying my Gr8 bloodwood shuttle, Shuttle Brother Randy came to Palmetto Tat Days and brought dozens of shuttles! I fell in love with the black walnut shuttle and decided I really should also try one of their acrylic shuttles.  Decision, decisions, should I purchase the blue one or the green ... but my dear hubby told me I should get both, so I did!
Last year, Shuttle Brother Randy came to Palmetto Tat Days again - and brought more shuttles!  I had saved up in hopes of finding another Gr8 shuttle I really liked, and actually found three!  The wooden one is tulipwood - I think it's one of the most beautifully grained woods I've ever seen.  I saw the red tie-dye acrylic and picked it up, and then saw the purple carved dragon.  Love the dragon! 
Gr8 shuttles come equipped with a green bobbin - but the bobbins come in other colors as well, and I found a source right here in Greenwood (SC) and bought some.  I have a red one in the red tie-dye shuttle, a pinky-lavender one in the purple dragon, and a yellow one in the tulipwood shuttle.  I have more bobbins in a bobbin box I got on sale several years ago, along with some metal bobbins for some different bobbin shuttles I have.  I also have more of the Aero-type bobbins, but not all bobbins fit well in the bobbin box (maybe that's why it was on sale!).
I'm now saving up for Palmetto Tat Days.  I've applied to teach, but I haven't heard from them as yet.  Hopefully soon - - then I'll know how much of what I've saved up can be used for more shuttles!


  1. Potato chips -- so true. Specifically, Ruffles.
    But, your shuttles are prettier than Ruffles, are useful, non-fattening and have lasted longer!

  2. Lovely collection of shuttles! I agree, they are like potato chips, and I cave to the temptation frequently.

  3. Keep to collecting shuttles less calories :) they are beautiful!