Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Of Plans and Internet Connections!

My plan was to have this up early for your tatting pleasure - and I started early, and it should have been up around 6:00 this morning; but for whatever reason, my Internet connection took a little vacation.  It was frustrating for me, because I had to leave for work - but here it is finally, and there's still a whole day to tat one (or many) before St Patrick's Day.  I'm just glad the "save" worked!

St Patrick's Day is Thursday - a day when you see shamrocks everywhere!  I sketched out this shamrock last Friday, then tatted it, tweaked it, and wrote it up Saturday; it's been test-tatted; and here it is.  Hope you enjoy it! 

Irish for a Day
© 2011 Sharren Sarver Morgan

2 shuttles (or 1 shuttle and a lot of finger tatting)

Sh 1 is your knotting thread (it has the most thread); Sh2 is your working shuttle (with about 1½ - 2 feet of thread).

SCMR1:         2^2 SS (R2: 6^6. SS) 2^2^2 SS (R3: 6^6. SS) 2^2^2 SS (R4: 6^6. SS) 2^2. DNRW

The rest of the shamrock is chains; continue with Sh2 as your working shuttle and Sh1 as your knotting thread.

Ch:                  *2 + (lock join to next ^ on SCMR1) 17^1 + (lock join to ^ on next R thrown off SCMR1) 1+ (to ^ on previous Ch) 17 + (lock join to next ^ on SCMR1); repeat from * around.  Finish with 2 + (lock join to base of SCMR1).

I do a lock-stitch chain about 1½”, knot the threads firmly in a double overhand knot and clip.


  1. Sharren, this is so lovely! Thanks for sharing it with us.

  2. Now that's VERY pretty and extremely clever.

  3. It is a lovely shamrock and hopefully if I get time tomorrow will make it for some Irish friends of mine before the "big day". Thanks very much for the pattern.

  4. Lovely shamrock! Great shape. Thank you for sharing the pattern.
    Fox : )

  5. This is a great pattern & I loved tatting it!

  6. I'll be trying this out soon! Thanks.

  7. i tatted this up and i love it. thank you for such a great pattern!

  8. Just saw the shamrock on CrazyMom's blog and came right over to check out the pattern. Your designs are always so clever!

    Since this project doesn't require much shuttle winding, I will pause my previous plan (digital scrapbooking and playing with Mod Podge) and tat one up. Love the Name!

    And thank you for sharing this shamrock with us! I am amazed at how quickly you turned this pattern around. My attempts at design always involve much teeth-gnashing and hair-pulling. No truer testament to talent can there be.

  9. Hi Sharren! Thanks to your excellent pattern, I tatted my shamrock last night and couldn't wait to post about it on my blog today (St. Patrick's Day)!

    I will proudly wear it this evening when we go out to dinner! Mine certainly isn't as perfect as yours, and it was my first SCMR - plus I now have to research how to make a lock-stitch chain! Always something new to learn!

    I enjoy reading your blog! I'm intrigued that you use caret symbols for picots. I like that idea, as they can easily be counted.

    Thanks again for sharing this clever pattern!

  10. There are several ways to do a lock-stitch chain, Kathy, but the way I always do it is: thread in chain position, working with Sh2:
    first half of the stich = flipped
    second half of the stitch = not flipped

    Do this until you have the length you need, or until you're totally sick of it.

  11. Thanks, everyone, for your kind words - I hope your St Patrick's Day brings you health, wealth, and happiness - and may your threads never tangle!

  12. Thanks for sharing the pattern. It was just right and I love how it tats up. My friend pinned the shamrock to her shirt today and got lots of compliments.

  13. Love your shamrock, always great to have another pattern, thanks for sharing.

  14. Can't wait to try the lock-stitch chain - thanks so much for the instructions!!!

    I got many compliments on my pendant yesterday at the restaurant, and received lovely comments on my post! I have plans to put the shamrock in some new paperweights that I found, and will give them to my cousins as gifts!

    I'm sure you will see your "Irish for a Day" shamrock sprouting up all over Tatland! Thank you again for sharing this excellent pattern.

  15. Very much enjoyed this pattern, my first attempt at a SCMR and I managed it somehow with the help of Jane Eborall's little instruction page :-) It was nice to have something small to learn that technique on and the shamrock came out nicely...thank you!!!

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    1. I've lost my picture both here and other places. Trying to figure out the problem....sorry!

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