Sunday, November 20, 2011

The Tatter From Out of Town!

Everyone who reads Ladytat's blog knows that Jeanne planned a trip to Charleston, SC.  When she contacted me to inquire about the upcoming Palmetto Tatters meeting (which was yesterday), I was thrilled that she might come visit with us!

It is one of the very nicest things, to meet in person someone with whom you've corresponded online.  Jeanne is a wonderful, very down-to-earth person - and a terrific tatter!  She brought show-'n-tell items, including a pair of earrings that tried to play hide-and-seek.

The lesson was Riet Surtel-Smeulders' Lock-Chain Snowflake, which she taught at the 2011 Tat Days - Tatting in a Winter Wonderland's Night Owls session.  It's a cute pattern, and it's included on the Pattern CD - which you can order here.  I tied mine to my (current) tatting bag!

We had a wonderful time yesterday tatting and chatting, and finished up with supper at a local restaurant, Lizard's Thicket, which is just good home cookin'.  Yumm!!

I'm working on this year's give aways for the office; we'll see how they turn out. I'm using Altin Basak metallic, and it can be challenging to tat without breaking the filament.  We'll see if I'm up to the challenge!  Time is creeping up on me - Christmas is right around the corner, as evidenced by the Greenwood Christmas tree, resplendent in lights on the square.  We were on our way home, and on a whim, I shot this through the truck window.  It was only about 8.30, although it looks like midnight!

Later, that same day... Almost forgot - here is a picture of the Lock Chain Snowflake I tatted in class.  I think it turned out well - looks like it fell through a rainbow!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

On the Square!

It's been a horrendously busy week, but I still managed a little tatting time!  I love MK's Curds & Whey edging; it's a lovely straight piece that can be coaxed to a slight curve.  And this made me wonder: could it turn a corner?

Yes, it can!  And it's easy-peasy, too!  When you are very close to your corner, make sure your next repeat has the small rings on the outside.  Next repeat, make only 3 small rings inside.  Next repeat (the corner) has the small rings on the outside: make 5 of them.  Next repeat, make only 3 small rings inside.  Now, you're back to tatting the pattern as written.

You can even make a small square!