Sunday, October 28, 2012

I See Light at the End of the Tunnel!

I figure I've logged quite a few overtime hours in the last three weeks - and this past week was the hardest!  Hopefully, we'll have a better week this coming week - then another tough week with a possible working Saturday - then things should start to even out. 

I have gotten online every morning and some in the evenings, and at some point noticed on someone's blog (just don't remember whose, but it was a Jim-Dandy one!) a beautiful maple leaf.  The blogger mentioned that it was included as one of the patterns in Karey Solomon's Tatting Turns Over a New Leaf, and I happily remembered that I have that book!  I was able to locate it, and this is the progress I had made earlier this afternoon when I took the picture (it's a bit further along now).  I bet you'll recognize the Lizbeth thread!

Speaking of Lizbeth, I got a free sample of their newest size Lizbeth - size 3, and it's enormous when you've been tatting size 40 - when I renewed my Handy Hands newsletter subscription.  I believe it's "Ocean Sunset" which I also have in size 20, and which tats up beautifully.  I haven't decided what to make - anybody know the yardage on the sample?  
I've also been playing on eBay, and won the Lael shuttle.  I think I'll use it with the Lizbeth sample!

The mushrooms (toadstools?) are from earlier in the Fall - I kept forgetting I had them to show you.  David took the pictures for me one day while I was at work.  None of them really captures the color - fluorescent orange!  Screaming fluorescent orange!  They were in a neighbor's yard, and I swear, you could find them in the dark.  Although they lasted a good long while (for mushrooms/toadstools), they have now been reduced to sodden lumps of decay - just right for Hallowe'en, which is right around the corner!

 Got to go - need to lay out clothes for tomorrow and go over my planner.  If you are (or if you know who) the blogger who posted the lovely maple leaf from Karey's pattern, please let me know so I can update this post.  Thanks muchly and have a wonderful week!

UPDATE:  Thanks to Jeanne Lugert, who remembered that it's Tatting Fool who posted the lovely maple leaf pendant!  Thanks, Jeanne!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

New Toys from eBay!

I was surprised, but very pleased, that I won the bid and got two …count ‘em… two Milford shuttles and two packs of Milford needles!  Best of all, one of the original Milford hooks that came with the shuttles was included in the deal!

The ribbon that once adorned the hook is long gone, but I have attached a 9/16” metal split ring and a lovely floral fob, made by the talented Marie Smith, to help me keep track of it.  I like to use the tatting tools I win!  Some, I admit, get more use than others, but I've tatted something with every shuttle.

Here they are – resting on a beautifully-tatted doily, a gift from Stephanie Wilson.  Both the doily and the fob were gifts given to me at Palmetto Tat Days.  Weren't these ladies generous!

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Day 14 of The Never-Ending Monday!

I’ve had to work the last couple of weekends – last Saturday I worked all day, and part of the day on Sunday.  Monday was a Federal holiday here, so that was my one day off for the week.  I worked yesterday, but don’t have to go in today.  Yay!

I was too tired to go to the Online Class last week, but did download and print the lesson.  Here is my homework – both colors are Lizbeth; Wildflower Garden and Medium Antique Violet.   I like these colors together!

I’ve started (and now nearly finished) a second medallion, done in Lizbeth Spring Fling.  Other than a maple leaf in fall colors, that’s all the tatting I’ve had time (and energy) for.  All this overtime takes a lot out of a person!