Sunday, April 15, 2012

The Return of Captain Klutz!

I have a new appreciation for the phrase hard wood floor - yes, it's from personal experience!

Easter Sunday I fell and landed mostly on my left elbow.  It's not broken, but the top forearm bone is cracked (up in the elbow joint).  It's bruised and sore, and I can't put any stress on it. 

The good news is that I don't have a cast!  I do have a sling, that I have to wear when I go out; at home, I have my left arm propped on a pillow.

I go back to work tomorrow, bruises and all.  I can type with my right hand, so I'll be able to do my work (albeit slower).  Should be interesting!

My arm and I went to see the nice folks at the Orthopaedic office, and I learned the following:
  • It really was broken, after all (Dr. P used the "B" word when he was seeing how far he could bend my arm before I hit E over high C)
  • Not every broken arm gets a concrete slipcover (well, I'm told that's what they feel like, anyway)
  • Mine is healing nicely and he was happy with my range of motion - and he gave me some more light exercises to encourage my elbow to fold up closer, and also to unfold straighter
  • I don't have to wear the sling all the time now (YAY!), but on an "as needed" basis
  • Still can't drive yet (my truck is a 5-speed).
The following, I learned on my own:
  • Typing one-handed is harder than it looks
  • If DH puts the lid on my spill-proof glass too tightly for me to open, there is always someone nice at the office to open it for me
  • DH and I are both left-handed; I can now write better with my right hand than he can with his left
I go back to see Dr. P in two weeks; by then I hope to be tatting again!  I have been making notes and little sketches, though, so I'll be ready to work on some new patterns!  Heck, right now, I'd love to be able to even work on an old one.