Sunday, November 25, 2012

Taking the Weekend OFF!

I didn't do a blessed thing yesterday - and today looks to be a rerun of yesterday, so far!  Well, that's not entirely accurate - I did a little tatting, I did a little reading, and I did a little thinking about what to do about class proposals for Palmetto Tat Days 2013 - "Tatting Takes Wing."

Today I've straightened out my thread box after an >ahem< unfortunate (but funny) accident wherein my better half picked up the thread box, not noticing that one end was not securely fastened, and when he turned it on end to stand up against the shelf, the thread cascaded out.  He was upset, I was trying not to laugh (too loudly), and he gathered it all up and stuffed it back in the box.  A lot of the balls unwound varying  yardage, and it all tangled together.  It's been waiting patiently for my attention for several weeks; today I was in the mood to tackle it, and it really wasn't nearly as bad as it had looked.

I had a nearly-finished ball of Wildflower Garden, and thought I could wind it all off onto a Starlit - save space and easily tat with it, besides - but after the first 10-or so yards, I encountered a knot.  Drat!  I snipped out the knot and set aside the shorter yardage, and started winding thread onto the Starlit again.  Filled that one, and plenty left on the cardboard core - no way I could squeeze that onto the Starlit!

I filled a Viking bobbin (the kind used in Gr8 shuttles) and dropped it into the smaller box I carry with me.  I managed to find a larger EZ Bob (I think it's actually a size medium), and it took care of the rest of the Wildflower Garden.  Now I have a full large shuttle and the rest on an EZ Bob!  The few yards that had the knot fit nicely on my new fish shuttle, and everything is tidy again.

Why can't the HOUSE be as easy to tidy up??

Note:  I had two pictures to pop in here, but Google rather nastily informed me that I was out of picture space unless I BUY some more.  My first post was just over 2 years ago - Sept. 2, 2010.  I have 406 pictures for the blog which are stored in Picasa.  Does this make any sense to anybody???

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Overtime Work Pays Off!

I've heard all my life that “hard work is its own reward”… and most of the time, I’m inclined to agree.  However, the last six or seven weeks of software conversion at work have been long and exhausting.  I'd feel rewarded if I got some much-needed sleep!  I don’t think I’m scheduled to work this weekend, but I am on call if needed; so if I don’t work again until Monday, I've got 71 hours and 6 minutes on the time clock.  Last week was longer, as it included the weekend – 83 hours and 9 minutes!
Pink Cocoa, Green Coral Sea, Pink Marble;
Sea Island Citrus, Medium Daffodil.

Knowing I would have some really good paychecks coming in, I treated myself to a Handy Hands order.  I got two new Lizbeth threads and three favorites.  I also indulged my love of neat tatting tools by ordering the rest of the Aerlit shuttle collection, some extra Aerlit bobbins, and a Starlit shuttle!

I also made a bid on an appealing artisan shuttle on eBay – and to my delight (astonishment), I won!  Carollyn (Jitterbug62) sent the most darling little fish shuttle, some lovely Oren Bayan thread, and a selection of clippings from magazines – tatting patterns!

A lot of the patterns aren’t dated, which is a shame, as I’m curious and I’ll probably never know how old they are.  Others, though, have not only the date but also the name of the magazine – and some even have the designer’s name!  There are at least two by Myrtle Hamilton, and there are several in a plastic binder sleeve, ready to slip into my notebook.

The fish is a delight!  Handmade from a single piece of wood, it’s a flat shuttle measuring roughly ½” wide by 2” long.  It has two slits, on either end, to allow you to wind the thread.  David examined it and remarked that it was a happy fish – it was smiling!  I love his sense of humor – it’s one of the first things that attracted me to him.

I've slept most of today - and didn't attend the Palmetto Tatters Guild meeting, at which I was supposed to teach.  Joanie said she'd send pictures, though, so I could see the wreaths they made!  

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Hoping for a Break!

Nothing... but nothing new to report!  We are ever closer to finishing up all the chores that are such a huge part of a merger, and my working life has taken on a life of its own!

When I went to work today, I had already logged over 60 hours for this work week, which started Monday.    By the end of the workday tomorrow, I'll have at least 80.  The pay will be most welcome - property taxes are coming up, on both houses - and our savings won't have to take a big hit.

BUT - I don't even have time to tat at lunchtime these days, so I have nothing to show you.  I haven't even had time to finish the lovely maple leaf I started back in October!  I will get it done, though - I haven't misplaced either of the shuttles or the book (or the leaf in progress!), so there is hope.

Things should start slowing back down this week, and I should have some tatting time again, as well as weekends off from work.  Next Saturday is the Palmetto Tatters Guild meeting in Lexington (SC), and I should have some pictures to show next Sunday.  Stay tuned...

Sunday, November 4, 2012


And this isn't even the bulk of it!!
Even though I haven't worked in a retail estab-lishment in over eight years, I'm still taking inventory.  Why?  Because I have a tendency to buy thread I've already got at home, that's why!

I love storage boxes - and I'm always on the lookout for ones that might work for tatting supplies and materials.  I think I've written about these before, but so far, I've not found any that are better - - so these are still da bomb.

I'm (slowly) getting my threads organized.  My goal is to have all the size 20s together, all the size 30s together, etc. so I can find the color(s) I want just by selecting the right box.

I'm also finding treasures!  I have tried to get a pair of each of the commemorative Palmetto Tat Days shuttles each year; here are the 2010 "Fall Into Tatting" pair.

These are the 2011 shuttles; curiously, the one without the point is the same on both sides, whereas the one with the point has "Tatting in a Winter Wonderland" on one side and the large snowflake on the other.  I don't know if anyone else's are like this or not, but I wonder!

I do use my commemoratives, but I haven't yet used these - I'm not sure why, at least with the latest ones.  The first two pairs were tucked into a plastic box that used to house a backup tape (I rescued it from a trip to the trash, and recycled it into a handy box for shuttles and whatnot!),

These are from this year; even though it was the first weekend in September, it feels like ages ago!  This lovely design commemorated our 10th Annual Tat Days, and, sadly, we were told that these are the last laser-cut commemoratives we'll have from The Shuttle Shop as they won't be making them anymore.  I hate that - I love their shuttles, and there are still so many designs I wanted to buy!

Work is still overtime, overtime, overtime.  We've already been told we'll be working next weekend, but that by the end of this month, things will have settled down.  I hope so!  I need some time to tat, to think about tatting, and to design.  I hope to apply to teach at Palmetto Tat Days again this year, and I'll need something to teach if I'm selected!

Oh, and last week's title - about the light at the end of the tunnel?  False alarm; maybe next month!