Sunday, March 18, 2012

It Was a Very Good Year!

...1868, that is!  It was a Leap Year, just like 2012.  Why, just look at some of the historic events:
  • May 30 - Memorial Day was observed in the US for the first time
  • July 25 - Wyoming became a US territory
  • August 4 - Ira H Stockwell patented the second American metal tatting shuttle
Both sides are the same - a spray of flowers from the center to the end, with the patent date around the center.  It's nickel silver, which is another name for German Silver.  This is another of my eBay finds - purchased as one of a group of four shuttles (the others were early plastics).  I'm very pleased to add it to my growing collection of old shuttles!


  1. Thanks. I'll tat something with it, but it will eventually be "retired" to just be eye candy. I have a Detach-A-Bobbin that I use on a regular basis (even bought some of the long bobbins for it at Hancock Fabrics), but some shuttles just get displayed.

  2. What a great find!! I'll know not to look for shuttles on ebay...wouldn't want to find out I was bidding against you...