Sunday, July 1, 2012

Some Like it Hot!

...but I'm not one of them. I'm not crazy about single-digit temperatures, but at least you can put on more clothes and keep warm.  When it's hot -- >whew<!!

This is just a short time ago - - it hit 100F before noon today, and has hovered around 106 most of the afternoon.  So far, the official high was 107 at 2:35 PM EDT (they were expecting 108, but we didn't quite make it).  Warnings abound, against going outdoors if at all possible, and avoiding sun exposure.  So... we have stayed indoors.

Did I mention that we DO NOT have central air conditioning?  We are getting by with a window unit in our bedroom so we can at least sleep in relative comfort.  We have another unit, ready to install on the other side of the house which gets the afternoon sun, but that is not going to happen today.  I can't help lift it anyway, as my broken arm is just healed and not ready to lift heavy objects, and it's a two-person job.  So... we swelter. 

The good news is that this heat wave should break this week and temperatures should go down into a more reasonable  low '90s by Friday, and lower still over next weekend!  YAY!

The other good news is that with the A/C on in the bedroom, I can tat...and I have some show-and-tell.  The bracelet that I was not going to finish - - got finished.  Yep, I even hid my ends - see?  I hated to have tatted that much and then give it up, so I used the Starlit shuttle as my ball thread and the smaller shuttle as my working shuttle, and finished it.  YAY!

By the way, registration for Palmetto Tat Days is now open!! 


  1. I'm sorry to read that you are sweltering. I promise to stop complaining about our temps! Thank goodness we haven't hit triple digits.

    The bracelet looks wonderful! I purchased some findings the other day, so maybe I'll take the plunge and make some tatted jewelry for myself. It seems to be the thing to do!

  2. Bless you. I feel your pain - I lived through the summer of 1980 in an un-air conditioned apartment. (It was 100F for 2 weeks.)

    Which is why I insist on central air.

  3. Glad that we don't have the triple digits yet, but here in North Dakota it is on the way in a few days, or maybe today.... have friends here from Goose Creek SC and they thought our 90+ sort of humid yesterday was really great, the rest of us.... no so much. and it will get hotter today and all the rest of the week. (p.s. no A/C in our house, not even a window unit)

    on the tatting note, I like the looks of your bracelet. Good for you on finishing it.

  4. Beautiful bracelet - nicely finished off with the clasp. Good for you to persevere! That was quite a saga with the different bracelets. I like the idea of not loading the beads first, but it's good to know you can choose different methods for beading.

    We had high 90's temps here in Western PA last week and I was delighted to see a thunderstorm on the weather report for Friday. No warnings about anything - just a thunderstorm. And it rolled in around 6 pm and dropped some welcome rain, and then rolled out. The temperature dropped. All was well - until I found out the next day of the destruction that 'missed' us here. The storm wreaked havoc all over the place - West VA. VA, Maryland, Virginia, DC.! I couldn't believe what I was reading - several deaths, trees crashing throough houses, and no power for millions, with scorching temps over 100! Again - no warnings anywhere! So I'm not complaining about our return to the high 90s again. And I'll now worry about storms.