Sunday, December 5, 2010

Snowflake Time!

It's that time of year again -- yes, it's cold, but we don't get much snow here in South Carolina.  But it is time for snowflakes -- of the tatted variety!

I like to give my department co-workers a little tatted remembrance of the season; last year, I tatted and gave out about a dozen of Marilee Rockley's Joyful Bell.  This year, I've been thinking about what to tat, and time is running out - so I need something that will work up quickly!  I looked back through some tatted samples I did several years ago and decided on this star -- needs beads, and since I can't find where I wrote down the pattern, it's back to the drawing board (hmm...why does that sound so familiar???)

Hiding ends is not fun for me - I sew through the caps of the double stitches, and that's time that I could be tatting!  I will re-engineer the star so I can exit through the top of the center trefoil on one of the points, and use the ends to tie a self-hanger so it's tree-ready right out of the baggie!  And...since it's a star, I don't have to use white (they come in all colors!).

I also give a larger, beaded ornament to my boss each Christmas -- this year he's getting a snowflake.  I used this pattern of Jane Eborall's - but adapted it slightly as I didn't have any rings for the center and I couldn't find my really tiny hook that will go through beads.  I showed it to Jane and asked if she minded me posting it and talking about it -- it is, after all, her pattern and not mine -- and Jane, gracious as always, gave permission and asked if I'd send her the pattern for the adaptation!  She plans to put it on her pattern page, which I consider an honor!

I'm tired of winter already and ready for spring, which could last at least 6-7 months; spring and fall are my favorite times of year nowadays because there usually aren't temperature extremes.  Winter's too cold and summer's too hot -- can't tat if fingers are too cold or too hot!  Once all my little tatting chores are out of the way, I need to start thinking of springtime -- and dream up a pattern!


  1. Love both your star and snowflake, shame about loosing the pattern though. Look forward to seeing the adapted pattern on Jane's pattern page, soon I hope - will have to nag her, like she nags me!!!
    Agree with the weather being either too cold or too hot to tat, roll on Spring, whenever that will be!

  2. Two words - floss threaders.

    They are the BOMB for hiding threads. Try them. You'll never go back.

    Pretty snowflakes!

  3. oops, Jane's pattern is no longer at the link you posted. Love your pattern, lovely.

  4. Nancy, I had to move this site as the isp removed the free part and I now have to pay for a new place. The pattern is here towards the end of this page.
    There's also a new version here.