Sunday, February 6, 2011


I love the pattern, "Queen of Hearts," by Mary Konior.  I can do it from memory now, I've tatted it so many times!  It's in her book, Tatting With Visual Patterns, which is still in print in the paperback edition.  It's one of my very favorite books! 

If you're familiar with this pattern, you'll have no problem following my line of thought.  If you've never done this pattern, it's all repeats of one simple little motif.  Where you join them and how long the chain separating them determine curves and straight edges.  The little repeat is simple enough:
R1     (2 -)10X, 2 cl R, RW
Ch     (2-) 4X, 2  RW
R2     4 + (9th picot on R1) 4 cl R, RW
Ch     (2-) 5X, 2 RW
R3     4 + (7th picot on R1) 4 cl R, RW
Ch     (2 -) 4X, 2 + (5th picot on R1)

At this point you would switch shuttles and work a chain, then switch shuttles and start the motif again at R1.  A completed heart is pictured above.  The upper curves are very tight, and I wondered what it would look like if you tatted all the motifs this way.  I think it made a pretty little wreath; I can picture this in red and green for Christmas, although in these colors, it's very Spring-y.

I started playing with the straight edges, wondering if it would make a nice edging.  I think it did, and I used my magic mirror to see how a corner might be done.  I think it needs a bit of tweaking, but overall, I'm pleased with it.  All these samples were tatted in Garden Space thread (size 10) by Nazli Gelin - it's a
Turkish thread, 3-ply.  It's soft but holds the stitch beautifully.

I'm going to tat the edging again in size 20 and see how it does - maybe I'll do a handkerchief!


  1. I think Tatting With Visual Patterns is my favorite book. I turn to it for inspiration when I'm at a loss as to what I want to do next. I love the way you've played with the pattern, and the thread is beautiful!

  2. It's my go-to book! IMHO, it's well worth the purchase price for the eye candy alone - but having the patterns diagrammed out for you is a real bonus. Definitely a keeper!

    Hegla Hess was selling this thread for awhile - don't know if she still is. There is a website that appears to take orders for it, but I haven't ordered from them ( so don't know how they are to do business with. If you try them, please let me know!

  3. Your experiments with Mary Konior's wee motif are wildly successful. Love, love, love what you have done with it!

  4. Thanks! I'm still working with it - I'm refining the corner motif a wee bit. When I get a version I really like, I'll post a picture!

  5. Mary Konior's "Tatting With Visual Patterns" is one of my alltime favorite tatting books if not my favorite! That thread color combination is so pretty together! It reminds me of Spring! You did such a nice job on all your motifs!
    ~TattingChic ♥

  6. Thanks! I've started an edging with size 20 thread - changed the first corner just a bit - nearly ready to turn the 2nd corner.

    "Tatting With Visual Patterns" is my go-to book!

  7. I not only love what you've done with this but the color combos too! Excellent!

  8. I know what you mean about using a pattern for something else, i was tatting tattered heart and it just kinda turned into a tear drop. its now a necklace for my sister. kudos on the tweaking.

  9. It is all so pretty! Yes, it would make a fantastic hankie edging. Love what you have done here.
    Fox : )

  10. Thank you for the's so beautiful. Will probably make one and put it on my blog. And of course, I'll link to your blog.

  11. I love MK's book. That's the only one I have actually but it's enough. Thank you for the pattern. Will make one and put it on my blog. And of course will link it to your!