Sunday, February 13, 2011

More Mary!

I’m still fascinated by the work of the late, great tatter, Mary Konior.  I’ve got two of her books – Tatting Patterns (Batsford: 1989) and Tatting with Visual Patterns (Lacis: 1992, 2002).  My all-time favorite of her patterns is Queen of Hearts, found in Tatting with Visual Patterns.
Last post, I talked about the little motif that is the basis for Queen of Hearts; it’s an easy, yet intriguing little motif.  I’ve found it in other works by other designers, and while the stitch count may vary, it’s still the same little motif:

There is a variation on it in her earlier book, Tatting Patterns: “Cross,” p.64-65.  In this variation, the large center ring has only three picots, all used for joins, although two are large enough to easily see.  The stitch count in the surrounding chains goes from 2DS between picots to 3DS between picots on the side chains.  The middle chain, always a bit larger than the side chains, also has 3DS between picots; and there are six picots instead of five.

When I ran across it, I was just looking through the book for the eye candy; I was at home from work, with a stomach virus (after an initial scare that it might be the flu), and didn’t really feel like doing anything strenuous – even turning the pages was a chore!  But the cross leaped out at me and I put a bookmark there, determined to come back to it at some point. 
By yesterday afternoon, I felt more like myself again and ready to look at the pattern.  I still like the motif as she used it in the Queen of Hearts, though, so when I did tat it, I used that version instead of the motif as written in the cross pattern.  Here is my version, tatted in Lizbeth size 20 (Caribbean):

I will tat this one again, as I like the pattern (and it’s quick ‘n easy).  I think, though, I’ll make the joining picots very small; I think the motif would look neater.  I did start with one of the small rings at the top and finished with a split chain so I wouldn’t have to worry about dealing with the ends, as I usually do a chain to finish it.  Notice that this one ends with a double chain – I like how it turned out, but I still had two ends to hide!  Next time, when I make the ring at the end of the first chain, I’ll make the picot very long – then when I finish the other chain, I’ll do a split ring and clip the threads.  I’ll clip open the long picot on the first ring, and both will match.

I just had another thought for a finishing chain - split rings, but uneven ones, alternating.  Hmm...I'll try it and let you know if it works!


  1. Sharren,
    I love your explainations!! They are always so helpful. Your cross is beautiful!

  2. Thanks, John! This is such a neat little cross, and so easy (and fast) - I think it's my new favotite!

  3. Wow, your cross is so lovely and I agree withn John, great explanations! What are the dimensions of this cross?

  4. Thanks, Isdihara! I measured it - unblocked, unpressed - it's about 3" long and about 2" wide (just the cross itself - I didn't measure the chain).