Thursday, April 21, 2011

Busy Days!

I finally stopped to catch my breath - and take a couple of vacation days.  Since I'm an early riser anyway, I didn't sleep in today; but I did get to go out to lunch with my friend Catherine!  We went to Abbeville and browsed a new Mennonite-owned market, recently opened on the square.  I bought a loaf of bread...pre-sliced...a pound of chicken salad (delicious)...and a pound and a half of coleslaw.  It's all homemade, and all wonderful.  Now, if I can just round up some nice home-grown slicing tomatoes, we feast tonight!

It's not's dirt!

I won another silver shuttle on eBay, and have the before (grungy) and the after (shiny) pictures for you.  This makes three I've won now!  I decided (finally) that I (probably) have enough plastic shuttles now, and ought to concentrate more on quality and less than quantity.  I cleaned them all by the boiling water + baking soda + aluminum foil method and am pleased with the results.

Kitchen Chemistry 201 is fantastic!

The Spooky Cat was interested, too - and let me mention that, knowing how interested he is in shiny, pretty things (takes after me, obviously), the shuttles had completely cooled before I tried to take a picture!

Chew toys?  For me??

No, he didn't bite hard - he was just
exploring, seeing what it was

Hopefully I'll have some tatting to show you next time!  Catherine and I were eating in Talk of the Town, a small restaurant in Abbeville (just off the square and across the street from the fire house, if you're out this way) and I pulled out some tatting to show her what I was working on.  A lady from a nearby table explained to her hubby that I was tatting and added that she didn't know how to do it.  Before we had finished our meal, she came over and introduced herself and asked if I would teach her to tat!  She took my name and phone number and said she'd be in touch -- how about that?  We may have another tatter before too long!


  1. Tell Catherine hello for me

    I want those shuttles! You do have the best luck! I hope you didn't pay a fortune for them. That kitchen chemistry does make them shine so pretty....

  2. I've been very lucky - the most expensive was less than $75.

    Thanks again ever so much for the Kitchen Chemistry 201 lesson! I will never buy silver polish again!

  3. Lovely clean-up of the shuttles!
    Fox : )

  4. Ahhh so YOU'RE the one who won that auction! :-) I think I was the first bidder, but I bid with the intent for not fighting for them - there were no bids on it for quite a while. I was curious because I hadn't seen that particular design before. It's very pretty.

    Did it have a hallmark??? I was trying to figure out who might have made it from the pictures...

  5. Yes, it's marked N&H - according to Heidi Nakayama's excellent book (Tatting Shuttles of American Collectors), that is Nussbaum & Hunold. They were listed as a jewelry manufacturer in 1920, and made a lot of different tatting shuttles.

    Each of the three I have is by a different company - N&H, Webster, and Thomae. The Webster shuttle is absolutely plain except for the old English script "S" on one blade, which is the reason I wanted it! The N&H is the most elaborately decorated, and the Thomae is the first one I won.

  6. Your newest shuttle is a great win! I love the look of those old shuttles - I have only been fortunate enough to get one. And how great to be asked to teach someone tatting - another great addition to the community!