Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A Mixed Bouquet for Spring!

After some scary-hot days with threats of t*rnad*es, it has cooled off to the milder Spring temperatures I love.  I truly believe I could love year-round weather like this!

The prayer shawl is still being worked on, but I am also back to tatting.  I got in the mood to tat something when I ran across this ball of Oren Bayan Pearl Cotton – the color is really pretty and it has a very attractive sheen.  I don’t generally tat with pearl cotton despite having tons of it around the house.

Not blocked and ends to hide!

Anyway, I was browsing through A Pattern Book of Tatting and ran across this motif – “Mixed Bouquet.’  I decided to use the Oren Bayan and here it is finished, mistakes and all!

Now, what to do with this motif?  I thought it might be

  • a butterfly, with a hairpin standing in for the butterfly body(c'mon, use your imagination!)     

  • a flower (hmm...gonna need more than one, for sure)

  • a section of a doily
o       like this or

o       like this

I could also see them joined, end to end, to decorate a throw pillow...above the hem on a pillow case... matching hem on a sheet... in other words, a whole bunch more than I'm prepared to commit to tatting!  I like the pattern, but for me it's pretty much a one-shot (unlike Mary's "Queen of Hearts," which I've tatted so much that I've memorized it). 

 I may string some beads tomorrow evening - I'm in the mood to tat a bracelet!  


  1. A very pretty design there! :)

  2. So Sharren,...what'd ya come up with? I really like the pattern. I've been trying to pass a few patterns on to my mom who is learning to tat. I've been looking for one pass patterns. This one with two shuttles would be a great piece for her...I think.
    I hope you are well!