Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On!

...in some places!  Here in the upstate of South Carolina, most of us noticed the tremors at about 2:00 this afternoon (EDT).  My chair, which is springy, bounced around with me in it - my monitor jiggled - and the ice cubes in my water glass danced!  It only lasted a few minutes, but it was such a strange sensation!

After I felt pretty certain the tremor was over, I ventured across the hall to ask our IT guy if he'd noticed anything - and he had!  We went down the hall to see if anyone else had noticed, and everyone in the office had noticed the shaking.  Most thought they might be imagining it and decided not to mention it (just in case they actually had imagined it, so nobody would think they were crazy).

We're all fine here, and I'm getting back to work on my entries for the SC State Fair.  The deadline is getting closer...and closer...yikes!


  1. ...no shakin here! Which is fine for me...had been through some nasty tremors back in 2001 (in Washington)

    ..kinda weird huh?
    I am planning on bring some snacks for the hotel room at Tat Days.. like what we Sisters did on our get together! Brownies will be on the list...so far. *** SQUEALS*** I can't wait to see you again!!!

  2. Some folks felt the tremors, some didn't - David was on the road when it hit and he didn't notice a thing!

    Brownies will be excellent! I'll see what I can rustle up to bring as well - I am SO looking forward to Tat Days! ***EEEEEE*** Can't wait to see you, too!!!

  3. Sharren,
    We had quite a jolt here. I was with a collegue and we both had an adrenaline rush.

    Looking forward to seeing you at Tat Days!!

  4. Do only roomies get to join in the big Squeal Fest?

    Re: A Whole Lotta Shakin', I am so glad you and yours are alright, Sharren. (Love the title to your post!)

    Before today I did not know that it was possible to NOT feel earthquake tremors if you were in a vehicle with inflated tires and shock absorbers. A neighbor who grew up in CA explained this to me (as she laughed at our unease over such a little bitty, baby quake).

  5. John - glad you're OK! Looking forward to seeing you at Tat Days, too!

    Isdihara - of course not - please join us!! Thanks for confirming about people in cars not noticing tremors - David was just leaving Greenwood for Ninety Six, and didn't notice the shaking at all. So glad you and The Sprout are OK!

  6. I'm chiming in about the 'car' thing. Back in 1998 there was a tremor here in Pittsburgh, and DH and I were on a quiet 2-lane road at the time. All of a sudden the steering wheel jerked to the right and then fortunately went back to normal position! Hubby was at the wheel and we were both wondering what the heck THAT was about! They immediately interrupted on the radio to say there had been an earthquake (can't remember where) and tremors were reported in Ohio and PA. We were relieved to know that there wasn't something wrong with the car, and fortunately the tremor was over quickly, but it was scary.

    That's how we learned it is not unusual to have tremors here in Pennsylvania, so we suspected it was another one on Tuesday, but still a surprise. Fortunately there doesn't seem to have been major damage in Virginia at the center.

  7. David told me there is a fault line right here in Greenwood, and it runs right through Lander University! (Oh, joy...Lander is about a mile from us...)

    A couple of folks at work have described driving when the tremor hit, and the wheel jerking to the left or right - luckily none said they had gotten hurt - just really startled!