Sunday, August 7, 2011

Captain Klutz Strikes Again!

Or...Gee, I'm So Glad I Mopped the Bathroom Floor Last Night!

At least when they go from
purple to technicolor,
they'll soon fade
Yep, one minute I was walking across the hall to the bathroom -- and the next, I was in free fall, heading for the ceramic tile floor!  I landed mostly on my left side and have the bruises to show that it was not a soft landing.  Nothing is broken, other than a small plastic organizer box that I demolished on my way down - why it was in the floor I don't know, but it did break my fall, so I'm just as glad it was there.  I'll take bruises instead of a broken hip any day of the week and twice on Sunday!!

The biggest bruise - not in a good
place (if there ever is a good place
for a bruise to form)
I'm still sore, but don't have to take pain meds now; I can drive again with no problems; and it's back to work tomorrow morning.  I've rested all weekend and I think it's really helped.  I'm ready to get back to my normal routine, though, including tatting!

Other than that, things have been pretty quiet.  It's too hot to do anything outdoors.

I can't believe this one just below
my knee is already greenish!

Oh, and about the pictures -- I didn't think you really wanted to look at my bruises!  The butterfly is one I tatted several years ago; the mini doily is, I believe, one of Karey Solomon's; and the two-color heart is one I designed and taught at Palmetto Tat Days for 2008.


  1. Whoops! Glad you are still in one piece! Sounds like one of my classic moves...

    Lovely doily - is it Karey's? Where would I find it? I have several of her booklets...
    Fox ; )

  2. I'm certain the doily is hers - possibly just the center of one of hers! I'm not certain which book it is in, though - like you, I have several - if I can put my hands on her Sweet Knottings, I'll check it (that title is sticking in the back of my mind, so maybe...just maybe...)

  3. Ouch! And I thought I was the only klutz in the group! I'm glad you weren't seriously hurt. Someday I'll tell you my story about the dorm room floor and my big toe... or maybe you can guess!

  4. Sis! Stop doing things like having a slip and slide in the bathroom. Splish Splash would be less painful. I am glad though that you are okay. Now, behave yourself! The doily is pretty and lovely color too!

  5. I am so glad nothing is broken, I too am totally bruised, but that is a normal condition for me, pfft, I am always walking into something... I am a dork. I like all your little tattings, but I love the little doily, what color way is that thread, it looks like an easter thread, is it an hdt, it is really pretty :)

    Heal up and don't fall any more :)


  6. I'm glad you are mending quickly with only bruises to show for the incident. They hurt, too, though. Your work is beautiful as usual.

  7. @Diane - trust me, you are not alone in this! I even bump into walls, tables, etc. and keep on going, so that when the bruise forms, I haven't the slightest idea where it came from! @Karrieann - maybe I just need a good guide dog! Any suggestions, sis??? @Bri - the thread is Altin Basak size 50 (more like US size 30), color 3054. It would make a good Easter egg, wouldn't it? @Eliz - still sore but definitely on the mend. Thanks for the compliment!

  8. I know I commented here yesterday. I must have missed the verification word. What I said was that I'm glad you're only bruised and not broken, but we could do without the bruises too! Also love that butterfly!

  9. Thanks, Gina! Bruises are always better than broken! The butterfly started out as a doodle - I remember I was fooling around with a shuttle that I wanted to empty, and got inspired after the first ring. I added another shuttle and kept going! If I remember right, I actually ran out of thread on the second shuttle and had to wind more on so I could finish the butterfly!

  10. You must stay in one piece so I can see you at tat days. Don't make me come down there and wrap you in bubble wrap.

  11. Ooh, if I fell over while wrapped in bubble wrap, the huge "pop" could conceivably deafen most of Greenwood County (and Eastern Abbeville)!!

    I'm determined to keep my feet on the floor - take one step at a time - and look before I step! See you at Tat Days!!!