Sunday, October 23, 2011

More Mary K!

I ran across a Sew-Mate shuttle nearly full of lovely hand-painted thread; what to tat, what to tat?  I went back to my old standby, my go-to pattern:  Mary Konior's Curds-and-Whey edging, done with just one shuttle.  Before I knew it, I had run out - and the edging was not long enough to really use!

I switched to some of the Lizbeth I bought at Tat Days - some of the new colors, in size 40.  At the right is how "Blue River Glades" looks, tatted as Curds-and-Whey.  .

Fifteen yards of this thread yielded about a foot and a half length of edging, which made me wonder: if I switched patterns and tried, maybe, Leaf Braid, how long an edging would 15 yards of Lizbeth size 40 give me?  I'll let you know - in the meantime, here it is in progress (in "Grape Splash").

The world is a lot smaller than we think - thanks to the Internet!  Case in point:  I have a friend, Jeanette, who is an expert spinner.  For the last 25 years (at least), a couple of times (at least) each year, Jeanette has dressed in 18th century garb and carried her antique spinning wheel to our local historical site, Star Fort, for Living History Days, where she has demonstrated and discussed the art of spinning.

Imagine my surprise (and amusement) when I got an email from Jeanette the other day:  Isdihara recommended that I contact you to schedule a tatting lesson. I didn't know you taught. I tried to learn from VCR tapes and a DVD. I am having problems with tension. Please let me know if you can help me.  

Isdihara is a good buddy; I've known her online for a few years, and met her in person at Tat Days 2010.  Now we talk on the phone and email, as well as follow each other's blogs.  She also lives in Virginia, and I live in South Carolina.  Jeanette, on the other hand, lives about two miles away from me.  Small world indeed!

I called Jeanette and we set up a meet at a local chain coffee shop (I'll call it "Coffee-Bucks," but you and I both know what its actual name is).  We tatted and chatted for over two hours, and probably could have kept on, but we both had some other stuff to do, so we parted with promises to stay in touch and meet again to tat and chat.  


  1. it's a world of laughter, a world or tears
    its a world of hopes, its a world of fear
    theres so much that we share
    that its time we're aware
    its a small world after all

    its a small world after all
    its a small world after all
    its a small world after all
    its a small, small world

    There is just one moon and one golden sun
    And a smile means friendship to everyone.
    Though the mountains divide
    And the oceans are wide
    It's a small small world

  2. Say...that's catchy! If you come up with a tune, I bet you could have a hit song! ;-)


  3. I don't quite know where to start. There is no following that song from Karrieann...

    Silly me, when I saw your "Mary K" in the title, I first though of Mary Kay cosmetics. Of course, it is Mary Konior, not the beauty behemoth started by Mary Kay Ash.

    Wasn't Jeanette a good sport to allow her photo to be posted on the Internet? *waves* Hello, Jeanette! I hope she got rolling with her flips and picots.

    Now, can I get a big group WOW for your edgings? Curds-and-Whey looks incredible in Blue River Glades! Leaf Braid in Grape Splash is no slouchy edging either!

    You are seriously tempting me to side-track my current projects in favor of playing with new threads! The threads are calling....calling my name!

    Great job on your tatting, both personal and teaching, this week!

    P.S. Hee, hee my word verification is "squaco" - isn't that a weird combo? (Now it will be stuck in my head for HOURS)

  4. Hmm...SQUACO...a company founded by, and run by, ducks???

    Well, we have YOU, Isdihara, to thank for Blue River Glades - so thanks! Love that colorway (and the name!)

    I made an accidental discovery with Leaf Braid...stay tuned...