Saturday, October 8, 2011

New Threads! in thread, not clothes... Back in the day, we said "threads" when we were talking about clothing...ahem... anyway...

Has it really been just two Saturdays ago that we were in Toccoa for Tat Days??  Seems longer...way longer!  I'm getting over a sinus infection (so what else is new) and finally getting around to trying out some of the beautiful new threads I picked up.

First up - Pink Cocoa, a new Lizbeth colorway, suggested by Jane Eborall!  I actually started this motif at Tat Days - I usually prefer size 20 thread, but the new colors were just available in sizes 40 and 80 (yikes!), so I bought a ball of size 40.  I like the way it looks!  Good job, Jane!

Next up is Sea Island Citrus, another Lizbeth colorway, suggested by Carolyn Craig.  The picture on Handy Hands' site didn't  do this thread justice!  I really like the way the cool green and blue play up against the dabs of yellow.

Lastly, Altin-Basak color 343 (why don't they name theirs?  Anyone know?).  I received two full balls of this lovely turquoise blue, along with gobs of other goodies, in a Silent Auction item I bid on.  I haven't decided what to make yet, but I've loaded a shuttle - that's Step 1!

Between the antibiotics and the decongestant, I'm getting sleepy again.  I think a "nap" may be Step 2 right now instead of "choose a pattern!"


  1. The Sea Island Citrus looks absolutely fabulous. It's great to see the threads worked up. A nap is a good thing to have in preparation to finding just the right pattern. Maybe you'll dream one up?

  2. It's a great colorway! I can see a lot of possibilities for it!

    You never know about dreams! Maybe...

  3. Ohhh - love your new colours~ (threads are DEFINITELY clothes! Like digs are your living quarters!)
    Fox : ))

  4. Feel better. I'm tatting a bookmark in Pink Cocoa size 40 right now - it's yummy!

  5. Your new threads look FAB and you should be congratulated for trying them out so soon.

    (I must not try out any new threads until I have completed ALL of my Tat Days class projects.)

    Pink Cocoa looks better and better to me every time I see some snippet of lace made from it. Kudos to Jane for suggesting this winning colorway. Kudos to you for tatting such a fetching design with it!