Monday, December 12, 2011

Christmas Came Early This Year!

I was running a little late when I got home this evening - David greeted me at the door with, "You got a package in the mail today."  I found it on the bed when I went in to change clothes.  OH, BOY - IT'S FROM DIANE!!!

I eagerly opened the packet and spilled the contents onto the bed.  WOW - a ball of Lizbeth (my favorite thread!) in size 20 (my favorite size!), in a colorway I didn't already have (!!!)!  Two - count 'em - TWO of the new Starlit shuttles, all dressed up for Christmas!!  And to carry everything - one of Diane's handmade origami pouches in a Christmassy print!!!
It's been a hard couple of weeks at work and we're not out of the woods yet - got to get through the End-of-the-Year tasks first.  And before Year End - we have Christmas (let's see, ham is in the freezer...) and I'm NOT ready yet!!!

But if anything can put me in a Christmassy mood, it's Diane's wonderful gift!  I think I'll go hunt up the "Charlie Brown Christmas" DVD, make a hot cuppa, and settle in for some Christmas TATTING!!!


  1. I'm glad it arrived so quickly! I'm borrowing Dave's iPad so that I can get on the Internet. Oh, how I miss using my computer!

  2. I was hoping it would come before the weekend - and it did! Now I get to decide what to tat first with my new thread and shuttles!!

    I sure hope your ISP gets on the ball and gets your service back up and running. I know what it's like to be without an Internet connection.

  3. Oh so cool! I love those shuttles!


  4. YAY!!! What a welcome holiday prezzie.

  5. what a lovely package, including 2 of Diane's blinged shuttles, your a lucky tatter indead.