Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Tatting Tea Tuesday - At Last!

Finally, a day off from work on a Tuesday!  That's the only problem with working for a living - it seriously cuts into your free time!  I didn't think about Tatting Tea Tuesday until DH brought me a mug of hot tea this morning, and then my brain went into overdrive.

I am posting from my bed, with the laptop balanced on one knee and probably a dozen containers of various types and sizes stacked precariously around me.  All contain something to do with tatting - some have just thread, some have just tools, and some have a mixture of both.  This little one has a UFO in it.

I will tell you that DH makes a delicious cuppa - I had two already, and contemplated asking for a third - but he's gone out, so I'm on my own for a little while.  I believe it was the tea sold at Aldi Foods, very good but unflavored.  He did put some of their hazelnut creamer in it, and I enjoyed it very much!  I think we might have some Lady Grey in the kitchen - I've gotten to like it even better than Earl Grey, which I love.  There should be some English Breakfast as well and possibly some Green/White Fusion (which is even healthy for you, in addition to tasting good!).

As to tatting - what to do?  I could work on the UFO, if I remembered exactly what it was supposed to be - I may just "wing it" and see what happens.  I also was thinking about working on something for Spring; I'm a bit bored with white snowflakes!  I'm also bored with the soggy, dreary weather that passes for winter in the Deep South. 

At least the UFO is in Spring colors...and there are beads with it...maybe I could tat a bracelet?  And the rain has stopped...and the sun is playing hide-and-seek with the clouds...so I'm going to get busy!  Maybe I'll have a new bracelet to wear to work tomorrow!


  1. Wow, you are all set for a fabulous tat-in! Your containers look so organized and tidy - ready to start a new year!

    And now I must discard this cold, disagreeable tea and brew a fresh cuppa, perhaps Lady Grey! It is quite lovely and will brighten up a rain-soaked atmosphere.

    Thank you for posting on Tatting Tea Tuesday and I look forward to seeing the results of your tatting.

  2. You only saw the organized and tidy containers - I didn't take pictures of the messy ones! The UFO is still a UFO - for now - but I think its days are numbered. I did wind the partial ball of Lizbeth "Summer Fun" onto a Tatsy and one of Nina Libin's big shuttles, and they're ready to go. I will be, too, when I make up my mind what to tat!

  3. I've noticed that one of the problems of less TIME to tat is time lost in deciding WHAT to tat. I hope you had a good time. Some of us find the planning as much fun as the doing. If that's you, too, I know you had a great time on your day off.

  4. Hi Sharren,

    I love reading your blog, but have never commented before. I just have to ask: what type/brand are those yellow and blue shuttles? I like working with Aeros, but that extra "point" for winding the bobbin makes them just a tad to long for my hands.


  5. Hi Amanda! The blue and yellow shuttles are Russian-made beading shuttles, and I bought them from Nina Libin at Palmetto Tat Days. Nina has a website: www.beanile.com. She also has some lovely wooden shuttles (I have one and like it too) and a contact link.

    I do OK with Aeros, but a lot of folks get the "neutered" Aero shuttles (or do it themselves, if they're handy with a Dremel). La Cossette has some lovely "shorter" Aeros in her Etsy store, too.