Sunday, October 21, 2012

New Toys from eBay!

I was surprised, but very pleased, that I won the bid and got two …count ‘em… two Milford shuttles and two packs of Milford needles!  Best of all, one of the original Milford hooks that came with the shuttles was included in the deal!

The ribbon that once adorned the hook is long gone, but I have attached a 9/16” metal split ring and a lovely floral fob, made by the talented Marie Smith, to help me keep track of it.  I like to use the tatting tools I win!  Some, I admit, get more use than others, but I've tatted something with every shuttle.

Here they are – resting on a beautifully-tatted doily, a gift from Stephanie Wilson.  Both the doily and the fob were gifts given to me at Palmetto Tat Days.  Weren't these ladies generous!


  1. lucky you in more ways then 1. that is a pretty doily, do you know what pattern it is?

    1. I don't know what pattern it is, but I'll check with Stephanie.