Saturday, November 17, 2012

Overtime Work Pays Off!

I've heard all my life that “hard work is its own reward”… and most of the time, I’m inclined to agree.  However, the last six or seven weeks of software conversion at work have been long and exhausting.  I'd feel rewarded if I got some much-needed sleep!  I don’t think I’m scheduled to work this weekend, but I am on call if needed; so if I don’t work again until Monday, I've got 71 hours and 6 minutes on the time clock.  Last week was longer, as it included the weekend – 83 hours and 9 minutes!
Pink Cocoa, Green Coral Sea, Pink Marble;
Sea Island Citrus, Medium Daffodil.

Knowing I would have some really good paychecks coming in, I treated myself to a Handy Hands order.  I got two new Lizbeth threads and three favorites.  I also indulged my love of neat tatting tools by ordering the rest of the Aerlit shuttle collection, some extra Aerlit bobbins, and a Starlit shuttle!

I also made a bid on an appealing artisan shuttle on eBay – and to my delight (astonishment), I won!  Carollyn (Jitterbug62) sent the most darling little fish shuttle, some lovely Oren Bayan thread, and a selection of clippings from magazines – tatting patterns!

A lot of the patterns aren’t dated, which is a shame, as I’m curious and I’ll probably never know how old they are.  Others, though, have not only the date but also the name of the magazine – and some even have the designer’s name!  There are at least two by Myrtle Hamilton, and there are several in a plastic binder sleeve, ready to slip into my notebook.

The fish is a delight!  Handmade from a single piece of wood, it’s a flat shuttle measuring roughly ½” wide by 2” long.  It has two slits, on either end, to allow you to wind the thread.  David examined it and remarked that it was a happy fish – it was smiling!  I love his sense of humor – it’s one of the first things that attracted me to him.

I've slept most of today - and didn't attend the Palmetto Tatters Guild meeting, at which I was supposed to teach.  Joanie said she'd send pictures, though, so I could see the wreaths they made!  


  1. constant over time is hard. I hope you are finally seeing the end of the tunnel.
    What fun to treat yourself when you have worked so hard. I have been trying the Aerlits that I ordered as well. they are so light, and the winder sticks out the back, but I am getting used to them.

    1. Each attendee at Tat Days received both a Starlit and an Aerlit, and I like them! I've got the whole set now plus 5 extra white bobbins ('cause white goes with everything, right?).

      I still haven't opened the thread packets or the shuttles yet - and I think it's going to be an early night for me despite my very long nap today!

  2. Thank you! She also sells a darling little bunny rabbit, but they go for a lot more $$$.