Sunday, November 25, 2012

Taking the Weekend OFF!

I didn't do a blessed thing yesterday - and today looks to be a rerun of yesterday, so far!  Well, that's not entirely accurate - I did a little tatting, I did a little reading, and I did a little thinking about what to do about class proposals for Palmetto Tat Days 2013 - "Tatting Takes Wing."

Today I've straightened out my thread box after an >ahem< unfortunate (but funny) accident wherein my better half picked up the thread box, not noticing that one end was not securely fastened, and when he turned it on end to stand up against the shelf, the thread cascaded out.  He was upset, I was trying not to laugh (too loudly), and he gathered it all up and stuffed it back in the box.  A lot of the balls unwound varying  yardage, and it all tangled together.  It's been waiting patiently for my attention for several weeks; today I was in the mood to tackle it, and it really wasn't nearly as bad as it had looked.

I had a nearly-finished ball of Wildflower Garden, and thought I could wind it all off onto a Starlit - save space and easily tat with it, besides - but after the first 10-or so yards, I encountered a knot.  Drat!  I snipped out the knot and set aside the shorter yardage, and started winding thread onto the Starlit again.  Filled that one, and plenty left on the cardboard core - no way I could squeeze that onto the Starlit!

I filled a Viking bobbin (the kind used in Gr8 shuttles) and dropped it into the smaller box I carry with me.  I managed to find a larger EZ Bob (I think it's actually a size medium), and it took care of the rest of the Wildflower Garden.  Now I have a full large shuttle and the rest on an EZ Bob!  The few yards that had the knot fit nicely on my new fish shuttle, and everything is tidy again.

Why can't the HOUSE be as easy to tidy up??

Note:  I had two pictures to pop in here, but Google rather nastily informed me that I was out of picture space unless I BUY some more.  My first post was just over 2 years ago - Sept. 2, 2010.  I have 406 pictures for the blog which are stored in Picasa.  Does this make any sense to anybody???


  1. No sense at all especially when you're a valued blogger. Kick butt, Sharren, kick butt!!!!

  2. I thought all blog pictures didn't count towards your picture space unless they were over a certain size... hmmm

  3. interesting about the photos. i just checked my picasa and one particular album has 605 in it. But I usually edit my pics so they are a smaller size before I upload them. Coming directly from my camera they are about 48"x30?" or so, really huge anyway. I resize them to 8X10s which I think decreases the kb size. Don't know if that is the issue or not, but I would contact google and check with them.