Sunday, December 23, 2012

Down to the Wire!

...or maybe thread?
Maybe we could just set the
tree on top of the gifts!

With just two days to go until Christmas, I’ve decided that I’m semi-ready.  I’ve also decided that I’m not going to worry about it!  On the plus side:
  • Gifts for DH on order…may not be here until after Christmas, but they are going to get here…at some point.
  •  Money to DD to order DVD she’s wanted.
  • Money to DSIL to get whatever he wants (same amount as DD…got to stay fair, after all!).
  • Helmet, knee pads, and fingerless gloves to DGD (Santa Claus is bringing her a bicycle).

·        I’ll be out and about today and tomorrow and can get a few stocking stuffers to round things out. 

I might have been better prepared had I not been working quite so much this fall, but everyone at my office has had very little time for anything other than work since mid-September (so it’s not just me, y’all, we’re all in this together).  DH has grocery shopped, and we have a lovely ham for Christmas Day dinner plus some sweet potatoes and green beans. 

I didn’t get the office giveaways made – didn’t even get started!  Nobody was expecting them this year, though, as busy as we’ve all been, so nobody was disappointed.  I do have a few ideas to work on, for lessons to submit for Palmetto Tat Days, and there is a small window of opportunity to get them shaped up before the submission deadline – so I feel I can get that done on time.

I’m on vacation until New Year’s Eve!  Of course, there’s a “gotcha” – I’m on call, and if I’m needed, I’ll have to go in.  They’ve all said they will try really hard to not need me, though! 

Shuttles, bobbins, doodads - just add thread! 
Oh, the possibilities!
Today is play day – and I have a few new goodies to play with!  Kathy Niklewicz put me on to the location of the doodads at HobLob, and with the link to show the item itself (originally provided by God’s Kid, passed on to me by Kathy), I had no trouble finding them!  I also picked up a packet of little cogs and gears (maybe something a little…steampunk?).

So…on to tatting!  I’ve already been asked about an angel for this year, and I have a few ideas, so I’ll be working on how to get them from my head and into the thread.  I’ve also got an idea for a snowflake, and maybe can work in one of the doodads…or gears.  Then…who knows?  


  1. Sure hope you DO get some time to 'play! I just now read your response to my doodad
    URL comment, and was glad that I, and especially God's Kid, were of help. I don't know how she found that exact site because I sure couldn't find it! Glad they were at your store.

    I'm amazed at all the things you accomplished several years ago. That had to be a very stressful time! I don't think I could have managed it! Sure hope 2013 will find things calming down at work!

    1. You do what you gotta do - it was stressful, but prayer, eating right, and yoga helped! I hope you're right and things will calm down in 2013!

      I started playing with a snowflake idea and I think it's going to work! WOO-HOO (if it does)!

  2. I'll be excited to see any steampunk things you make!

    1. Mmm...yes, I'll have to do some research and find some inspiration!