Sunday, December 30, 2012

I don’t have too much to show you today – I am working on a project that I hope to submit as a lesson for Palmetto Tat Days this coming September, but it’s not nearly ready.  Instead, here is a Merry Wreath I’ve started with a lovely Christmas-y thread (yes, it’s Lizbeth – color 116).  Hmm… now that I’m looking at it here, why didn’t I put beads on the thread before I started tatting??

 The cute little scissors are a gift from my honey – and they’re razor sharp, too!  They fit in almost any of my tins that I use for purse-size tatting kits, and that’s a huge plus.  I have a couple of those tiny nippers and they’re handy, but they don’t hold an edge like regular scissors, IMHO.  We did have a local scissors grinder who would set up shop at our local Hancock Fabrics several times a year and do a “scissors sharpening event” which was always well attended.  People brought in all kinds of blades to be sharpened – scissors, knives, cleavers – over the years, he’s sharpened all of my older scissors and even my pocket knife (it has a pair of scissors on it).  Sadly, he has retired now; I don’t think he does any sharpening anymore. 
Change of subject: the New Year is just around the corner!  Have you made your resolutions yet?


  1. Yes, same resolution as usual. Not to make any resolutions. Works like a charm as I never let myself down!!! Lovely coloured thread. Good luck with the design.

    1. That's a terrific resolution - I think even *I* could manage to keep that one!!