Wednesday, November 24, 2010

I'm On a Tatting Mission!

Someone from a different office in our company stopped by a week or so ago, and asked me if it was tatting that I did all the time.  I told her yes, that I enjoyed it and she told me her great-grandmother did some kind of needlework a lot.  She was young and wasn't sure what it was, but told me she had a bookmark she would love to have "duplicated" - would I look at it and copy it for her?  I told her yes, I'd be glad to look - I've always liked looking at needlework, especially old items with a story - but until I could see it and tell what kind of needlework it was, I couldn't promise to copy it. 

She brought it in yesterday.  I only needed a glance to tell her it is tatted!  She was really glad to hear it, and asked me again if I could copy it.  I told her I believed so, and what colors would she like?  She asked for navy and green - which I have; she wants five of them, all alike; and she doesn't need them until Christmas. It's a simple bookmark pattern:
R1:  3-3-3-3 cl r. RW
Ch:  5-5 RW
*R2:  3+3-3-3 cl r. RW
Ch:  5-5 RW

Repeat from * for length desired.  Turn the corner by joining the center picots in addition to the first picots on your next two rings.  Keep the pattern going for the second side.  Turn the last corner, and join your last chain in the beginning of the first chain (the base of R1).  Tie and cut.  Weave a ribbon down the center and trim even with the ends of the bookmark.

Navy thread!  I'm going to need to do most of the tatting on Saturdays and Sundays, when I have daylight, or use a really good, daylight-type lamp!  At least I don't have to have them finished by Friday...

I also got into a discussion about butterflies with a work friend in Wisconsin.  At the end, I told her I'd send her a butterfly if she'd tell me where it needed to go.  She thought I was going to email her a picture; I said, no, I want to send you a tatted butterfly.   She gave me her address and I told her I'd let her know when I put it in the mail, so she'd know to be looking for it.

But which butterfly?  There are hundreds of nice butterfly patterns out there!  I've even designed a few myself.  I started looking through pictures from my old computer (miss you tons, HP! <sniff, sniff>) and found one I liked -- but no pattern was with it!  I remember tatting it and writing it down - but whatever became of the text file I have no idea.  So -- I'm working on it, going by the picture, and trying to improve it here and there.  This isn't blocked, and it's not the final version - but what do you think?  Is DeeDee's Butterfly a winner?


  1. Oh YES! Dee Dee's butterfly is a winner. :-)

    And it is so great that you are fulfilling a tatting wish for your coworker.

    (To coin a tired old slang phrase...)
    You are da bomb!

  2. Oh, that is neat that you could do that for that lady with the bookmark! Hey that butterfly is awesome!
    ~TattingChic ♥

  3. DeeDee's butterfly is definitely a winner! Good for you, being able to figure out the tatting pattern from the object. I'm not sure I could do that. I tried it once years ago with crochet... disaster! I hope you'll show a picture of the navy bookmark.

  4. Dark threads used to be my favorites. Now they are more of a challenge in the best of lighting. So frustrating! Thankfully, we now have so many more lovely colors to play with.

  5. I love it! and a small one, fairly quick to tat which is great for spur-of-the-moment gifts. The upper part is familiar but the bottom is not and the part I really like. Nice job!