Thursday, November 11, 2010

Turtle! Turtle!

Most everyone is familiar with the name Teri Dusenbury - she's a published author of tatting books (Tatting Hearts, Tatting Butterflies), a prolific designer, and an excellent tatter.  She also has a blog and currently is featuring Dream Turtles - if you haven't seen them, please go take a look.  They are absolutely beautiful! 
I have several of her little beauties - I wore one to work the other day, and everyone wanted to know where I got it - some thought jewelry store, other thought artisan shop.  I told everyone who asked where to find them, and most were amazed that they are tatted.  I just smiled and reminded them - "It's not just about doilies anymore!" 
 I'm also trying to decide what to make for this year's ornament that I'll give to my co-workers in my department.  Last year, I gave this lovely bell - designed by Marilee Rockley - and everyone really liked it.  I've given out snowflakes and angels - anybody have any suggestions??

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  1. envious! They're fabulous! Someday!!! I'll get me one!!!