Sunday, November 21, 2010

Shuttles, Shuttles!

I can't believe it's been so long since I've been able to post - thanks to all who inquired about my health, and yes, my back is better.  I have some bursitis in my shoulder that makes life...challenging.  Oh, well, it's always going to be something -- at least this isn't really, realllllly awful (mostly just annoying).

I have some more shuttles to show you today - I hope you're not tired of looking at them!  First up - an English Aero, probably from the mid- to late- 1970s.  It's another eBay purchase, one I lucked out on -- because it's still on the card, together with the original extra bobbin.  I've tried to remember if I ever saw these in the stores, but no such luck.  Even if I had a clear "a-ha!" memory of them, learning to tat was over a decade away for me.  Notice the price - $3.00!  Wow...good luck even finding the German Aeros at this price now!

Next up is another English shuttle, the Milward.  I'd heard tatters talk about these for years: how hard they were to find, how ecstatic they were when they found one, how depressed they were when the dog chewed it up...  I've been on a mission ever since.  Now I've got one - it was in with a bunch of sewing-related items on eBay, and barely visible.  I won the bid and when the package arrived, sorted through all the items to find it.  It's not on the original card and doesn't have the little hook with it, but the label is still shiny and I'm pleased with it.
I could probably get another entire post out of the Justrite shuttles, with all their variations - but as it's been well over a week since I've been able to write here, I'll just make this entry a long one.  As I understand it, the earliest Justrites had four dimples on the reverse side; later versions have two.  There are at least two different sizes, and some have a pick and some don't.  I've been fortunate in that most all the Justrite shuttles I've bought have been well taken care of and are still shiny.  Unfortunately, shiny = reflections!  Bear with me in these pictures.

Next time, which I hope will be Wednesday, I should have some tatting to show you.  I've been working on ideas for small Christmas ornaments to give as gifts to folks at my job.  Last year, I tatted Marilee Rockley's bell (told you about that already) so I want to do something different this year.


  1. And to think I used to buy the Milwards brand new in a local shop for next to nothing with my pocket money!!! How times change.

  2. I just saw a milward go for 17 dollars and it was not in the best condition. I lucked out and got 4 on cards 3 had the little hook and were still in the cellophane.
    I searched high and low and was absolutely the most happy camper when I won the auction. I'm pretty sure I got all four for less than 15 dollars.
    I wish someone would recreate these shuttles the great big dent keeps the shuttle from flying out of my hand, and it is the perfect size for my hand. They are featherweight also.