Sunday, March 27, 2011

Back from Commerce!

Blogger is at it again - I have pictures to show you, but apparently Blogger has other ideas.  I have added pictures several times, saved, and published - and the text comes through, but not the pictures.  Sorry, gang - hopefully whatever is messed up in Blogger will be fixed soon, and I can share pictures with you.

You might recall that last fall, several of us gathered in Toccoa, GA, to visit, eat chocolate, and tat.  That trip being a rousing success, we decided to do it again.  Right away, there was a hitch - - no room at the (Knights) Inn!  The Crazy Mom, who offered to make arrangements for our accommodations, found that there was NOTHING affordable anywhere near Toccoa!  So we did the logical thing.

We met in Commerce, GA. 

I hadn't been to Commerce in many years - at least 15, I think - and it has changed a bit.  There are lots of empty storefronts, but the stores that are there are doing a brisk business.  Alas, the only store that carried needlework supplies - a Coats and Clarks outlet - went out of business years ago.  CM found us a cheap place that was clean and decent, and five of us gathered.

We ate chocolate - LOTS of chocolate - and homemade Oatmeal-Raisin bars - and doughnut holes in both chocolate and glazed - and hot, spicy almonds that made my eyes water when I passed them on the dresser.  In their plastic bag.  Sealed shut. 

We blinged shuttles and tatted - and talked and talked and talked.  It was so nice to talk in person for a change!

And did I mention we ate chocolate??


  1. Always happy to hear about get togethers. It doesn't have to be a major tatting event to meet up and have fun!

  2. Fun was the best medicine that I needed!

  3. We sure did have fun!! Gina, you are SO right- hanging out together, sharing meals, tatting tips, and chocolate - the time flew by! We blinged (blung?) some shuttles and laughed a lot!

    And did I mention that we ate CHOCOLATE??