Thursday, March 24, 2011

Look Out Commerce, Here We Come!

We're back!  Sandra, Catherine, Karrieann, and I are meeting again to tat and have some fun - and this time, Marie is joining us!  We've really been looking forward to this getaway, and I can hardly wait!

This is what I'm taking to Commerce - note the glittery
nail polish in the box with the shuttles.  Hmm...

We're going to try to bling some shuttles - we'll have more time this time (last time we only had a few hours) so hopefully we'll have some beauties to show by the time we wend our ways home.  I have a ton of Clover shuttles - but could only find a few, but I'm taking them anyway!  I also have a few Sew-Mate shuttles and a couple of Aero shuttles (the German shuttles, not the hard-to-find English ones).  There's also one which I love to tat with, but don't know the brand - it's the pink one in the center of the picture.  It's not very thick and has two posts with a space between them.  I have a tan one and a couple of pink ones, so I'm going to try blinging one of the pinkies - hopefully it will be a thing of beauty when it's done!

I have packed some thread, but just thought of something - I need to put in a ball of white!  Snowflakes just don't look like snowflakes if they're not white - please see Georgia's site for an explanation of this odd remark!

Got to go hunt out the white thread and pack it, and get a few other things done.  I'll post more after we get back - with pictures!


  1. I can't wait to see the purdies! Hugs and a big wave!