Monday, March 28, 2011

At Last - Pictures!

Last post, you got the text with no pictures - now you have the pictures! 

At right are blinged shuttles drying.  See all the lovely patterns!  Crazy Mom found an excellent buy on scrapbooking paper, and bought a bunch for us all to try.

Here, one of our merry band carefully paints a coat of Mod Podge on a blinged shuttle.  It's amazing - the whole time we were working, we were talking - and we managed to keep our work area (and ourselves!) clean!

Here is the shuttle between coats of Mod Podge.  Isn't it cool!

On another shuttle, excess paper is carefully trimmed away from the shuttle.

Sparkly is added - - just 'cause we can!

We only blinged (blingged?  blung?) a couple dozen shuttles - mostly Clover neons, although I got adventurous and blinged (blang? bloonged?) three Sew-Mates (to be shown later - not quite finished with them yet!). 

And just for you, Isdihara, the answer to your question: yes, lampshades were involved.*

*no lamps were harmed in the making of this photograph.


  1. It WAS a whole lotta fun -- and I'm ready to do it again!!

  2. You guys really went out of your way to include me in your marvelous outing. Y'all are so great! Beyond awesome! And I still can't believe you sweet-talked Phil into letting you use stock for a silly lampshade photo. LOL!

  3. Phil and Olivia were terrific - they really caught the spirit and were so gracious! Wish you could join us next time -- oh, yes, we WILL do this again! (Well...maybe not the lampshade part...)