Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Green Thread, Come Home - All Is Forgiven!

 ...maybe.   Not happy with you right now...

Despite the shadows all over the place, it's still a very
pretty edging.  I really like this green - it's a light sage.

Remember the green thread I had wound CTM onto two shuttles, and couldn't decide what I wanted to tat with it?  I had finally decided -- a nice little edging by MK, named "Forget-me-not."  That was the plan, all right -- and I started the edging right after we got back from Toccoa, and have been working on it during my lunch breaks.  I noticed that Shuttle 1 was running out of thread very quickly - - and I would probably have to add thread before I turned the next corner.

Except the ball of green I was using is now nowhere to be found!

I think the size 30 is going to be a better "fit" with the
hanky - probably even smaller thread would be
better, but I have to be able to see it to tat it!
Frustration!  I tried a few other shades of green but didn't like them as well.  Then I ran across a ball of variegated size 30...and wound off one yard for each shuttle.  I tatted as far as I could and found that:
  • Shuttle 2 uses about 1/3 the thread that Shuttle 1 uses
  • I can tat about 1.5 inches of the pattern, and have about 2.25 inches of Shuttle 1 thread left and plenty on Shuttle 2
The only thing I don't like about this thread is the brand - it's Omega.  I haven't had a lot of good luck with Omega; two different edgings, from two different balls of size 30, in two different colorways, had weak spots and broke.  I'm going to try it, but if it starts breaking, I'll be "auditioning" thread again!


  1. Both greens are very pretty, but I think I like the shaded greens better. It kind of echoes the variation of pinks in the hanky. I know I had to refill Shuttle 1 several times when tatting Forget-me-not. It is a beautiful edging!

  2. Right now, I'm using one of Nina Libin's plastic (Russian) beading shuttles, a large one, and I have 28 yards of thread on it. Not even close to filling it up! It's a little cumbersome (I usually tat with size 20), so I'm going to hunt out a smaller shuttle this evening.

    As the thread is being tatted, the variegation is starting to look really good! Now, if the thread just won't break on me...