Saturday, July 16, 2011

Never Too Old for Candy Corn!

Today was the day - the Palmetto Tatters met at the Lexington County Museum!  The lesson was Martha Ess' Candy Corn pattern - check it out, along with other fun and cute patterns, in her book Holidays On The Block.  The Candy Corn was tatted in pairs for earrings.  It was a fun pattern and so nice to sit and tat with friends!

The edging for the hanky is progressing nicely.  Considering that I only started it a few days ago - and I've only been able to work on it during lunchtime until today - I think I've made a fair amount of progress on it.  I'm within two inches of turning the next corner!


  1. now that kind of candy corn I like. they will make nice earrings.
    doesn't Martha make the nicest patterns?

  2. Mmm... that candy corn looks good enough to eat!

  3. She does! Her patterns are imaginative and easy to follow!

  4. Do you know how truly lucky you are to have that many tatters to get together with on a regular basis? I live in a major metropolitan area with no tatting group, none in the state!

    I lurve the earrings.

  5. And I have to drive only 2 hours to tat with them! Seriously, I do feel pretty lucky in this - normally, with hobbies, there's no one within 1,000 miles of me with the same hobby at the same time!

    We were told yesterday at the meeting that registration for Tat Days should be up on the PTG website ( around the end of this month!