Sunday, July 31, 2011

Bring Some Cheese - I've Already Got the W(h)ine!'s SO hot!! euwwwwwww.....

And I can start a ring, but I can't close it - perspiration prevents it.  It'll close later, when it's not so hot (September, maybe??).  This is just a practice piece, anyhow, for something I hope will work out the way I want it to (I think it will) and will be an entry in the South Carolina State Fair in October!  The actual piece will not be either of these colors, and will have beads.  I'll post a picture...eventually!

DEAL OF THE WEEK:  Stanley 12" Soft Base Tool Bag, $10.00 at Walmart.  It comes with a tool roll up that's held on the outside of the bag with Velcro strips.  Inside, there's a long zippered pouch and several pockets.  One of the pockets opens out to almost the length of the bag.  If you don't zip it closed on top, you can slide in a pattern book.  It's begging for some tatting to decorate it!

PS - after I took the picture of the tatting, I tried closing the ring again - and it worked.  Yay!

Still awfully hot though....


  1. Heat and humidity do make it difficult to tat! I'm glad you were able to eventually close the ring. I am really ready for that end-of-September weather!

    I might have to make a trip to WalMart. One can never have too many project bags!

  2. True enough on both counts, Diane!

    The Walmart website shows a bigger one with pockets on the outside as well, for $15 - but I didn't see one in the store. I think this one will do fine - it will hold all my stuff for going to meetings and tat 'n chat sessions!

  3. Walmart permits online purchases to be made online and shipped to your local store.

    Has anyone tried this? (I'm wondering if shipping charges are passed along to the consumer.)

    At any rate, this purple and oatmeal(?) toolkit would enable you to take your tatting to cooler locales...local library, community center, Starbucks.

    Wouldn't it be lovely if the liquidating Borders booksellers were bought by craft lovers? We could all go there to bond with other artisans and crafters in our neighborhood! (*sigh* Isn't it a nice thought?)

    Stay cool as best you can!

  4. How I wish - but we didn't have a Borders here, just a Waldenbooks - which closed a year ago, and the space in the mall was snapped up by some clothing-and-accessories place.

    We are getting a Michaels and a Hobby Lobby, though - maybe one (or both!) will give us some encouragement!

  5. Isdihara- I've ordered that way at Walmart and there was no shipping charge but I think it also depends on the item.

    Sharren- I expect it to be hot and humid down your way but we've had weeks and weeks of it now and no end in sight! It is currently 92º at 7:39 p.m. Glad you got the ring closed. One ring! LOL!

  6. Sharren, I read somewhere that tatters in "back in the days" kept a small tin of talcum near them to help keep fingers dry. I have not try this yet.. but I might soon with this persistent humidity!