Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Great News a Day Early!

The bone doc's office called this morning - they needed to reschedule my appointment from tomorrow, so could I come in at 3:15 today?  I said, "Sure," and that was that.

They took more x-rays of my elbow and sent me to the examining room to wait for Dr. P.  He arrived with the terrific news that the bone is fully healed, and I can go back to my normal activities.
The pattern is Jane Eborall's; the variegated thread is
Olympus; and the plain pink is ... not.
I can drive my truck again!!!  You just don't know how much you miss being behind the wheel until you have a long period of time when you just can't - in my case, eight weeks.  I plan to drive myself to work tomorrow!

I have finished (until Joanie says otherwise) tatting my Tat Days projects - I'm now making a bunch of Cherry Blossoms, and then - I'm going to tat something from one of my Tat Days Pattern CDs! 


  1. Wonderful news Sharren! Now you can tat up a storm.

  2. Tat on, girlie! Tat on!

    (And you DRIVE that truck, momma!)

  3. I missed this post! It's great that you can drive again, and that your elbow is healed!

  4. your blossoms look great! Mine (so far) are wonky. I need to improve.