Sunday, June 3, 2012

Hoping for Good News!

My elbow and I will be returning to the orthopaedic doctor on Thursday - I'm hoping that he will find that the break has fully healed.  This will mean I can drive again - I hope - because for the last eight weeks, I've been a passenger only!

I've had to restrict most regular activities - tatting included, darn it! - and have just, in the last couple of weeks, started getting back into them.  I'm still writing with my right hand - at times, I think it looks improved from eight weeks ago, but it's still not as neat (IMHO) as my left-hand handwriting was.

Thankfully, I can manipulate the thread with my left hand relatively easily now, with the barest of twinges - and I can now type with both hands again.  I'm finishing up edits and re-tats of Tat Days classes, putting in corrections (thanks, Joanie!!!) and tidying up the pages for printing.

You've seen the Merry Wreath - we'll play with it Saturday evening. Here are the other classes I'm teaching this year:


  1. Hi Sharren, so glad you are healing well and that you can tat. and now that you have been writing with your right hand,you have a new talent. he he

  2. I certainly identify with your difficulties, as I broke both wrists while ice skating 10 years ago (age 58), and your post took me back to those days! I healed up fine (took awhile), and I'm sure you will, too! I remember how happy I was to drive again! And even though we have an automatic, at first it was difficult for me to shift the gear on the steering column. I never again took for granted the ability to use my hands. I did give up ice skating, though, which made me sad. But I was grateful to be able to go back to my tatting and knitting, and typing and playing the piano!

    I love your projects, especially the 3-D butterfly!

  3. Crossing my fingers for good news at the Ortho appt. I'd be totally crazy if unable to do handwork or drive. Love the new designs!It is going to be very hard to choose my classes for Palmetto.

  4. Those are all so wonderful!!! :)

  5. Hallo Sharon, nice to hear your elbow is healing! Want to say to you that this butterfly is sooo beautiful, love the 3-d-idea!!The angle is nice and the key will be loved, I am sure! Teaching these classes will lift you up!
    Happy tatting

  6. I love your angel, I am a new tatter,(needle), and I would love to have this pattern, do you publish your patterns?

    1. I'm teaching the angel (as well as the butterfly, the key, and the wreath) at Palmetto Tat Days in less than two weeks!

      The pattern will be available on the Pattern CD from the conference - ordering info will be up soon at

  7. Ordered this CD. :) I like that the proceeds benefit your tatting guild! I am in love with that angel.

  8. How much is the CD, and where can I order it? I pray that your arm is totally healed.

  9. Where can I buy the CD, and how much is it?

  10. The 2012 Pattern CD, along with Pattern CDs for other years, is available from The Palmetto Tatters Guild. Here's the link (scroll down for previous years' CDs):

    Each CD is $15 plus postage; there's a price break on postage if you order more than one at the same time!