Sunday, June 17, 2012

Where Did the Weekend Go!

...It sure didn't stick around!  Yesterday was the meeting of The Palmetto Tatters Guild in Lexington, SC, where a good time was had by all ~~
We had at least 20 in attendance - this picture shows just one end of the table!
Our lesson, taught by Katharine Buckner, was Beaded Lanyard Made Easy; the original pattern is by Patti Duff, and the "made easy" part is by Gary Houtz.  It can be made lanyard length (about 30", or your preference) or shorter - between 7" and 8" is a good length for a bracelet, and that's what we worked on!
Looking over Donna's shoulder to see the bracelets in progress!

Marie worked with a small group of ladies who came expressly to learn to tat!
We had some newcomers who wanted to learn to tat - we're looking forward to seeing them again, at next month's meeting! 

And today, of course, is Father's Day - so I've been every bit as busy today as I was yesterday!  My bracelet didn't get finished yesterday - it's about 2" long - and I haven't had a moment to spare for it today, but will get back to work on it tomorrow.  Hopefully I'll have a bit of time this week to post again, and include a picture or two of the finished bracelet!


  1. I recognize that room. looks like everyone is having fun.

  2. What a FAB location for your tatting day! And it looks as though your turnout was FAB too. (Could the young lady sitting by the fireplace in the first photo be ***gasp*** Marie's granddaughter who I met last year at Tat Days?

    The summer days are slipping away...