Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Bookmark - Complete!

Finished it today during my lunch break!  Fully stretched out, it's not quite a foot long (well, we have some big ol' books!).

I tatted the tail as lock stitch - the equivalent of 30 DS, then did one ring with each shuttle, and finished with a SR.  I continued with more lock stitch, same as before, then did three SRs in a row.  One more section of lock stitch chain finished the tail; then a not-quite-closed SR to hold the tassel, and the bookmark was finished!

The thread is size 20; Berry Burst (Lizbeth) and the lavender I was using a couple of posts ago (DMC Cebelia).

If anybody has a sure-fire method of making tassels, I'd love to hear it!


  1. This is very pretty, Sharren. Nice colour too!
    Fox : )

  2. I'll show you my tassel method when I see you next...

  3. A lovely bookmark and very charming arrangement of rings on the tail.

    p.s. my eyes are getting "old" - can't figure out the word verification thingy - trying for a third time now. Not that I am against it since I have it on my blog too.

  4. I've long since given up on tassels. I just make a smaller motif that echos some element of the main bookmark and use that to finish off the tail.

  5. I can't help you with the tassels but I love the bookmark & the way you did the tail : )