Wednesday, August 8, 2012

This Bird's Not Tough, But It Is Pretty Stringy!

Finished!  Well, almost – I still have to deal with the thread ends, but I’ll need to decide what I’m going to do with it first.  Why sew in the ends if I end up sewing it onto something like a shirt or a bag?  I can use the thread ends for as far as they’ll go!

I like the muted colors – maybe this is a female parrot!  I used Lizbeth Wildflower Garden and DMC in lilac – the ball isn’t close at hand, and I don’t know the number offhand – and both threads are size 20. 

Doesn’t Jane do the neatest animal patterns?!  I started the parrot on Monday and only tatted during my lunch break, and finished today – so that’s probably about 100 minutes, which isn’t too bad.

I think I’ll tat one of her seahorses next!  From the air to the sea – after that, I’ll have to pick an animal that is land-based.  Any suggestions?


  1. Ha ha! Your title made me laugh! Love the bird, and I totally understand not hiding the ends so that it can be sewn on to something. Next creature... hedgehog?

  2. Well, Jane's got a pattern for that - in fact, a whole family of hedgehogs! I'll have to see if I have beads and thread that would work for one of them - somehow, I don't think Wildflower Garden or even plain lilac would do the trick!

  3. Very tweet! Love the colour of the bird - perfect for a female parrot, I'd agree. Lovely tatting.
    Fox : )

  4. Too cute - I love Jane's patterns too...

  5. This is one of the patterns I meant to do before Jane went public with it.
    But sadly I never did. Yours looks great.