Sunday, August 5, 2012

Tat Days Anticipation!

One month from last Friday…just one more month…eeeeeee!  The anticipation is killing me!  September 3 will be a Bank Holiday here (Labor Day) so all the banks will be closed.  My vacation officially starts Tuesday, September 4…and Thursday, September 6, we leave for Toccoa, Georgia!!  Eeeeeeee!

I have a lot to do before then – decide what to take and what to take it in; decide how we’re going to get there from here; pack for both of us.  Whew!  I’m tired already!  I think I need a vacation!

I’m just about to start tatting Jane Eborall’s Parrot – the pattern is found here.  I’ve decided on a more pastel approach, so once I get going on it, I’ll post some pictures.  I need to decide on a bead for the parrot’s eye…decisions, decisions!

I got this far with Miranda’s Challenge before the penny dropped – for those joining us late, it turned out that the sketch of the doily printed on the fabric Miranda purchased and showed us on her blog was not, as originally thought, a vintage, out-of-copyright pattern.  It’s actually the first three rounds of a Nancy Tracy pattern, used on the fabric without Nancy's knowledge or permission.  Miranda didn't know - she bought the fabric in good faith.  I don’t think I’ll finish the challenge – my heart just isn’t in it anymore.  I unwound the shuttles (one was nearly empty, anyway) and put the unfinished doily in my thread box.  Maybe someday I’ll take it out and finish it…who knows?  It just isn’t going to happen right now.


  1. Awww....that doily is so beautiful even unfinished!!! :)

  2. Look at it this way. Even though your doily looks like the sketch on the fabric, it really doesn't look much like Nancy's original. Also, Nancy herself said she liked the idea of the challenge.

    Still, it was a huge disappointment to find out that the fabric was a copyright infringement. After all, there are so many old public domain patterns out there that there was no need to steal one. It was such a let-down after being so excited about finding a fabric with tatting on it. I just hope they give Nancy the credit and payment she deserves.

    1. True! However, not all countries recognize and/or honor copyright law (shame on them). At least you have made sure the truth out there!

      Maybe this winter I'll finish it up...

  3. That is a very pretty doily Sharren, with the lock stitch chains in the 3rd row, it is very different then Nancy's but I understand your feelings. It will be a pretty doily whenever you decide to finish it.
    hope things turn out o.k. for Nancy.

  4. It is not long now before Tat Days, can't believe that I will be meeting you and so many others, just not looking forward to the plane journey, have been on too many planes already this year!

  5. I like the colors you chose for the doily. Someday it will look even better when finished :)
    It was so neat to see material with tatting on it and such a disappointment to find out the rest of the story. I hope the company that made the material will do good by Nancy