Monday, September 3, 2012

Coming Down to the Wire!

What to take to Toccoa…what to take…don’t want to over-pack, but what if I really need _______________ (fill in the blank) and discover I’ve left it at home?

But I really need all this stuff!!!
Plastic pencil boxes from Big Lots
hold so many items for safe travel!
Decisions, decisions!

OK, let’s step back and look at this rationally.  What do I absolutely, positively HAVE to take to Tat Days?

1.     The models I’ve tatted for the classes I’m teaching.  All the angels, butterflies, and keys go into a tin which goes into my satchel. 
      2.       Large shuttles with big thread for demonstrating.  OK, both you big shuttles wound with size-3 pearl cotton, you’re next.  Into my satchel you go!
      3.       The 156 red plastic bows for the Wreath drop-in lesson Saturday night.  Oh, yeah.  Don’t leave home without them!  They go into the boxes, too!
      4.       My tatting box with tools and equipment.  Already in the satchel, ready to go!
      5.       Portable battery-powered light and power cord.  Yep, they’re also in the satchel. 
      6.       Show-and-tell.  Some very special shuttles that several friends have asked to see in person.
      7.       Camera.  Definitely a must-have; I have a brand-new card for it and rechargeable batteries, too!
Believe me, this is as tidy as it gets!
8.   Battery charger for camera batteries.  Oh, yes, and since it also works with the batteries that are in the battery-powered light, it’s a must-have.
      9.       Money.  Hmm…that should actually be #1, probably.  Hmm…definitely need to visit the ATM sometime this week!

What do I NOT need to take to Tat Days?  

1.    40 bajillion shuttles.  I have a few in my tatting tool box, and that should be plenty… of course, Hope has been hard at work decorating shuttles for weeks, and it’s very unlikely (like impossible, even) she’d not have at least one that really appeals to me, so as long as I take some extra money  I’ll be OK.  
Tatted models for classes, plus my
blue goat from Jane's TIAS game!
2.    50 balls of thread.  Oh, please – there WILL be at least one vendor selling thread, right?!  Karey is coming – she always brings gorgeous hand-painted threads and they’re very reasonably priced.  Just need to remember to take some extra money.  
3.    Pattern books.  Uh, NO – this is Tat Days, remember?  There will be a wonderful pattern CD available as well as a vendor who most likely sells books.  Extra money is a must-have.

Well, heck – I really just need to take money!!


  1. Funny post : ) Enjoy yourself at Tat Days!

    1. Thanks! I've been looking forward to Tat Days 2012 since we packed to come home last year!!

  2. Can't wiat - do you have money for me?

    Must set the table for Larry's b-day....