Monday, September 10, 2012

We Had a Blast (From the Past)!

And now we are home – most of us – from Palmetto Tat Days 2012.  What a wonderful experience!  So many friends of many years’ standing and almost as many new friends!

Attendees received a terrific “Welcome” bag, emblazoned with the Tat Days 2012 logo, and just chock-full of goodies!  Many hands contributed wonderful, useful, and thoughtful items – and I would like to mention just a few of them here:
  • The Southern Belles Tatting Society of Columbia, TN
    • The Belles spent countless hours this past year collecting all sorts of items for the welcome bags, and what they couldn't find, they made.  We found drawstring bags, needle books, tatting tools - treasures abounded!
Wow!  The only purchased item is the ball of coral thread!
The bag it's sitting on was a gift from The Crazy Mom!
The silver angel was given to me by Sally Kerson; the quilted
print bag below it by Beth Sims; the dental floss threaders
were from Lynne Gillies; the tatted name pin from
Kathy Hodge; the flower clip from Marie Smith.  Wow!!
  • Barbara Foster, owner/operator of Handy Hands
    • Miss Barbara is a long-time supporter of the art of tatting, as evidenced by her never-ending quest for newer and better tools and threads for tatters.  She has also been a long-time supporter of Palmetto Tat Days, donating threads and shuttles each year.  This year she really went the distance - each attendee found in her (or his) Welcome bag a ball of one of the new Lizbeth colorways, a Starlit shuttle, and - *gasp* - a sample of the new Aerlit shuttles to be available for retail this coming Fall!!
    Goodies from Barbara Foster - check out the NEW Aerlit
    shuttle,  front and center, along with a Starlit shuttle and thread!
  • Kathy Hodge
    • A long-time attendee and very giving person, Kathy also went "all-out" for the 10th anniversary of Palmetto Tat Days.  She compiled a commemorative booklet highlighting the first nine Tat Days!  She also included a wee little shuttle - and it does work!  We tatted with one in the Try-It  session!
    • Below the Clover shuttle is the fairy shuttle
      given by Kathy Hodge.  It really works!

 Teacher gifts were also numerous and mind-boggling - we received, courtesy of Miss Barbara, a Lizbeth ball holder with a ball of thread included; a skein of lovely HDT from Marilee Rockley; tatting tools; a hand-made tatting bag; hand cream; artisan soap; hand-made earrings; and so many other goodies, that my brain is hurting from trying to name them all after the marathon that is Tat Days!

Shuttles I purchased from the Vending Room - three Gr8
bobbin shuttles from Randy Houtz, and two post shuttles
from the one and only Georgia Seitz!

I only won one of the Silent Auctions this
time - but it's a dandy!  Here are four packs
of HDT by Tat-ilicious in a lovely tin!

I was up at 5.30 as usual this morning, but I actually got drowsy while I was online, and had to shut down and go back to sleep!  I may also have to have a nap this afternoon so I'll be ready for work tomorrow morning!


  1. Each year I think.'Nobody could top this,' and yet each year the Tat Days staff, contributors, teachers and volunteers outdo the previous year. It is amazing.

    1. Totally agree, Isdihara! I think everybody outdid themselves, particularly the Southern Belles and Miss Barbara!

      I can't wait until next year!

  2. What an amazing collection of goods, you belles really went above and beyond. Barbara's generosity is amazing! No one needed to step in the vending room to go home with a huge stash!

  3. oooo - lotsa swag! I came home with a ton of stuff, including an ebony double bobbin GR-8 shuttle.

    Tatters are the nicest people. And thank you for MY gift - I promise to use it well!

    How many days til Tat Days 2013?

    1. 360 as of today! Let the countdown begin!

      I bought 3 Gr8 shuttles - all single bobbin - one in Black Walnut and two smallish resin shuttles, in watercolor-y blue and green! I deeply admired the Gr8 sterling shuttles and would love to have bought one (or two...or three), but my bank account did not agree!

  4. oh, what fun stuff.
    sounds like you had a great time.

  5. I'm loving reading all the posts about Tat Days! I'm really looking forward to attending some day!