Sunday, January 20, 2013

Sunshine and Tatting!

We had both in abundance yesterday, but at the Palmetto Tatters meeting, we only saw the latter and not the former.  Because our regular meeting place, the Lexington County Museum was closed for the long, three-day weekend that some folks here in the US get to enjoy, we met at the Lexington County Library on US1.  They didn’t give us the spacious, airy Large Meeting Room, though – they sent us downstairs to a conference room where we were packed in like sardines!  These conference rooms are made to hold about a dozen people.   Period.  We had at least 20 people in there, plus tatting bags, our tatting library, etc., and ran out of table space (that’s still not as bad as one time, though when we had at least 30 people in there – it was challenging).  A different group had the large room – I really hope the size of their group justified the decision to let them have in the large room for their meeting.

Our lesson was Nina Libin’s Holiday Ornament III – the third one on a prepared leaflet which we were given.  I didn’t make one yesterday – I worked with a brand-new tatter instead.  She wasn’t consistently flipping the stitches when she left, but she understood the concept and knows she’ll get better with practice.  I found that I have the beads I need to make one of the ornaments (yay!), so I'll do one at some point.

I’m still working on patterns for submission for Tat Days – and work takes up a lot of my time.  I put in 50+ hours this past week, I will put in at least 2 hours on our Monday holiday, and we’ve already been told that more weekend work is coming.  Yikes!!!  It's hard to have a life when you're working overtime every day.
A big thank-you for all the good wishes sent my way - I am completely over the ear infection now and so glad!  I think I mentioned that it was the first one I ever had in my entire life, and I really hope it's the last.  I didn't know what to think with the roaring in my ears!
Is everyone taking part in TIAS (Tat It And See)?  If you don't know about this fun game, hosted yearly by Jane Eborall, please visit this site - it's never too late to start, it's never too late to finish, and it is so much fun!  Please let us see your work as it progresses - it's fun to see which colors everyone's chosen - and do try to take a guess at what we're making (the more outlandish the better).  Day 4 will be published tomorrow; I was going to share a picture of mine, complete through Day 3. but Blogger is not cooperating with picture upload (again).  Oh, well, Jane has put my pictures and comments on this blog, so do have a look and see what everyone's doing.


  1. 50 hours a week? That's indecent. Hope they're paying you well.

    1. Time-and-a-half; I'll never get rich off it, but it helped pay the property taxes. I really treasure my off-hours - like yesterday! Even though we were very crowded, it was wonderful to see everyone and tat 'n chat together.

  2. Well can almost imagine the gathering you had yesterday. Would have certainly imagined it if you had been in the usual room though, ah memories of September.
    Pleased you are feeling better, ear infections are awful.

  3. Wish you and Jane could have been with us - we had fun despite the small room! Next month we still won't be back at the museum - it's the Presidents Day holiday then. Oh, well!