Sunday, February 17, 2013

Flurries of - - Snow!

The thermometer dipped w-a-a-y down - really cold for us here in the Deep South who aren't used to it - and first the rain came down, then rain and snow mixed, then snow!  Then everything stopped for at least an hour - this was yesterday, and we traveled from Greenwood to Columbia for the February meeting of Palmetto Tatters.  We had patchy rain showers on the way; then, we went into the library and down to the meeting closet room and I enjoyed the company of our fellow tatters!  DH roamed the library and looked over the "Friends of the Library" books for sale.  The snow started up again, before we left, and quickly changed to rain - then stopped.  We had a few flakes hit the windshield on the way home, but it wasn't at all bad!
We were in one of the tiny conference rooms - again.  We had to leave the door to the main room open, or risk suffocation - it got very warm in there with so many!  Our lesson, taught by Marie Smith, was a heart by Karen Bovard, a tricky little tat with mostly split rings and a whole lot of fun!  Eleven rings make it up - and once you "get it," you can tat one up in no time at all.  Marie made up thread kits for us of size 10 red thread - here's mine.  The last ring was written as a regular ring; but I did a split ring and finished with a lock stitch chain to make a bookmark. 

We also did a heart exchange - I did extra in case we had visitors who wanted to play too, and we did - so here are the three I put in for the drawing.  Motifs are great (I have nothing at all against them), but I try to turn mine into a bookmark or something so it can be used.  I did one of  Georgia Seitz' Basic Split Ring Heart (from Tatting on the Edge...and Beyond, book 4 of the Ribbonwinners Series) and two of Mary Konior's Queen of Hearts (from Tatting with Visual Patterns).  In each, I "fudged" the pattern just a little so it would end with the bottom ring, which I did as a split ring so I could keep tatting a lock chain. 

Oh, and before I forget - I need to note a very useful link for several friends who asked -- Georgia Seitz - home of the Online Tatting Class, which she runs - it's always fun and informative, so do check it out!

I've also finished my TIAS for 2013 - I would have finished it days ago, but life keeps getting in the way!  I cut the ends long enough to sew them in - but I think instead I'll use them to sew it down to a cute little tote bag I received as a gift - it's begging to be decorated with tatting!


  1. Nice tatting.
    that is an interesting heart. I have seen it on another blog, don't remember which, but didn't take the time to trace the path.
    congrats on the snow he he

    I noticed your FB post that you will be doing another software upgrade at work in the spring, will that one require as much overtime as this one has? Are you still doing the overtime?

    1. The snow didn't stick around - dropped and melted! My favorite kind! LOL

      I'm still averaging about 54 hours per week - and will still have O/T through the conversion period. Probably mid to late May, things will simmer down and we'll go back to 40 hours/week.

  2. It's wonderful to get together with tatting friends, and it sounds like you had a wonderful time despite the small meeting space!

    I love all of the hearts!

    Snow?! We've had only about 2" this year... very strange! The weather man is predicting snow this week. I just don't believe weather forecasters any more. They've teased me too many times!

    1. We had about 15 this time (a few less than last month) in the same size room (meant to hold about 8). We just squeezed in and did our best!

      We normally don't have snow - but we do have epic rains. With the summers getting hotter and drier, we depend on the winter rains to raise the level in the lake, the resevoirs, etc. so we don't have as bad a time. We have had ice storms, as well, and are actually far more likely to have ice than snow! The kids love the snow, though (what kid doesn't??)!