Monday, May 30, 2011

Today is May 30, and it's Memorial Day here in the US.  Technically, it's still Spring -- but no one seems to have explained that to the sun, as it's hot here.  As in Summertime temperatures.  As in HOT.

I've been tatting when I can find some cool (usually at work, at lunchtime), but don't have any show-and-tell just yet.  And now I have a new project - a new hankie to edge!  Lace-Lovin' Librarian had a hankie give-away recently - she put pictures of those to be given away on her blog, and the first one to ask for a particular hankie would receive it.  I asked for this one, and it came the other day in the mail -- what a wonderful piece of mail to find in the box when I got home!

Although I haven't decided yet on what pattern to use (there are so many!  And they're all so pretty!), I was thinking of using a green to complement the pink rose.  I had wound two shuttles a month (or two...or three) ago and hadn't tatted anything - they're still waiting - and the thread is a lovely, soft green.  I think it looks nice with the rose -- what do you think? 

In other news, I attended the "Country to the Bone" event in Ninety Six on Saturday.  The day started out heavily overcast and humid, but not blazing hot.  The crowd (including vendors) wasn't large - probably because Ware Shoals had their Catfish Feastival the same day.  The Feastival has been going on for well over 20 years, and this was the first time for the "Country" event, so I'm thinking that's the reason.  I took tatting to demo, but nobody seemed interested.  DH was crushed - he loves it when people come up to me and ask what I'm doing.  He had to cover the event for his newspaper, the Star-Beacon, and that's why we didn't get to go off this weekend - he had to work. 

And I guess it's just as well - the toilet threw up today and there's that to mop up, and the plumber to call in.  We're debating whether we can hold off and call the plumber tomorrow, when it's not a holiday, and the rate is back to its usual arm-and-a-half instead of today's holiday rate of arm-and-a-leg.  We do have the upstairs bathroom, so we'll probably wait.  My knees are not going to be happy about climbing the stairs, though!


  1. Today is the first nice day we've had in quite awhile. I missed the art fair because it was raining the day of. Luckily you do have a 2nd bathroom. I don't. So hang in there and don't drink a lot. LOL!

  2. Ooh! I like the idea of the soft green! I think it will really compliment the pink. As for the pattern... you're right... there are so many to choose from!

  3. I, too, think it sounds like a good choice of color for your hanky.