Sunday, May 22, 2011

"Where is This Year's Angel?!" (Part 2)

Then…I found the angel!

As so often happens (at least to me), I ran across a PDF of the angel pattern while I was looking for something else.  I would have liked to have had the Word document, but, hey, I was grateful for the PDF!  At least I had something to work from!

I tatted one by the pattern I had written sometime last fall, and wrote out corrections on the hard copy as I went.  One thing I did remember to do was to use two different colors of thread in my test tat - a wonderful suggestion made to me by my friend (and yours), Jane Eborall.  By using different colors, you know at a glance which part of the pattern was made with which shuttle; this makes writing the pattern so much easier.

I left it up to the Guild - I can submit this next year or we can substitute it for one of the others.  The decision was made - it is official - the Snow Angel is in this year, and I'l submit the bracelet again next year. 

This year, here is what I'm teaching: the fob (shown here on one of my several pairs of scissors), the beaded star, the angel, and two snowflakes. 

The snowflakes are the same pattern with a difference of four double stitches; their placement, which the tatter decides, determines the finished look. 

The star is ring-and-chain, but tatting a split chain will keep you from having to hide the ends. 

The fob is a fun challenge - it uses the same technique as last year's dragonfly chatelaine pin, but with beads added. 

The angel (trust me, the picture does NOT do her justice) has a regular safety pin encapsulated - or you can leave it out for an ornament or applique.

I can't wait for Tat Days 2011 - Tatting in a Winter Wonderland!!!  Hope to see you there!!!


  1. So glad you found the angel! Count me among the eager beavers chomping at the birch bark to take your class. At least one!

  2. Snowflakes, stars, angels... oh, my! Everything is beautiful! I like the idea of the safety pin being encapsulated... very clever!