Sunday, May 15, 2011

"Where is This Year's Angel?!" (Part 1)

Angel From Abbeville,

For the last several years, I’ve been fortunate enough to be selected as one of the teachers at the Palmetto Tatters Guild yearly Tat Days.  I submitted an angel in 2008, and she was popular…

Friendship Angel,

...and another in 2009 and she was very popular. 


Guardian Angels, 2010

Last year, I taught three different versions of the same angel.  And then it was 2011, and time to submit new patterns with my application.

I couldn’t find the angel pattern I had created in the fall of 2010!  It was hiding somewhere in the files on the hard drive of my computer, and several deep searches netted me nothing.

I submitted a snowflake pattern…or two?  It’s essentially one pattern, but the tatter can make a decision on one certain split ring – just four double stitches – that will determine if the snowflake looks one way or the other.

My bracelet pattern didn’t get selected last year, so it went back in again this year.  Then Joanie asked if maybe I could do a “practice” piece for the bracelet, since it uses the pearl tatting with just two shuttles and no ball thread.  I said, “sure,” and after thinking about it, decided on a scissors fob.  It went in with the patterns.  I had done a butterfly for a friend out in the Midwest, and sent four winging their way to her in the winter when she really needed to see something that reminded her of spring.  That pattern went into the submission packet too.  And then a five-pointed star, to which I added beads.

I submitted these, and was accepted.  The teacher list went up on the Palmetto Tatters website, and I got some emails wanting to know what I was going to teach.  The usual response was, “WHAT?  No angel this year??” 

Then…I found the angel!  
To be continued…


  1. I really like your angels, especially the Friendship Angel! Maybe there will be a new angel next year. : )

  2. Next time you lose something come and look in my tatting cupboard - you'll never know what you'll find in there!!! I never know myself!!!!

  3. I saw her! I saw her! Your latest angel is up on the Palmetto Tat Days class page.

    Guess she just wanted to shine in her own pure, brilliant light. ;-)