Monday, January 17, 2011

10 Things That Make Me Happy and/or Amuse Me!

No, I can't resist a challenge -- that is, if it's do-able!  The Crazy Mom recently posted a list of 10 things that make her happy and/or amuse her, and challenged several other folks to do the same - one of whom is me.  So here goes:

1. My family makes me happy!  The picture is from Christmas '09, so everybody in it is a year older, but that's OK.  I think everybody knows how deeply I love my daughter and granddaughter, so we'll just admire their picture and move on.  Next is DH with the Spooky-Cat - if I'd been "quicker on the draw," I could have gotten the picture with Spooky tucked under the blanket with DH.

One of these days, I'm going to get all of us - DH, DD, DGD, DSIL and moi - in the same picture.  Hopefully.  Eventually.

2.  Receiving neat stuff in the mail makes me happy!  Both of these packages came this week - the one from Handy Hands came first, then the next day I received the one from Amazon.  I have another set of the new pastel Clover shuttles, and some of the new Lizbeth colors.  I really enjoyed the Ellery Queen TV show in the mid-'70s, and it just lasted one season - this one box has the entire series in it on 6 DVDs!  I guess it's more like a mini-series since it was on such a short time.

3.  Finding things I thought I'd lost forever!  It's surprising how many of us put things away "where it will be safe" only to discover that it's so safe that we no longer remember where we've put them!  This is compounded when two like this share the house, so finding something mislaid is a special kind of joy!

(Note: Blogger is not cooperating with pictures lately - I've been trying for several days to upload pictures to illustrate the things that make me happy & amuse me, but since Blogger apparently prefers unillustrated prose, this is it for pix.) 

4.  Spring time makes me happy!  I love it when the days get warmer but the nights stay cool and good for sleeping.  The trees leaf out and the grass turns green again.  And - since the DK got us a porch swing last year, it's a perfect time for sitting outside and reading (or tatting - or both!)!

5.  Getting together with friends makes me happy!  This past fall, some of us gathered in Toccoa -- and we want to do it again!  Catherine, the Crazy Mom, Karrieann, and I had good times and tons of fun!  We're planning to do it again this spring!

6.  Helping a newbie tatter makes me happy!  We welcomed such a tatter to the Palmetto Tatters Guild meeting on Saturday the 15th - her name is Sarah - and she taught herself to tat with a video.  She can both needle and shuttle tat rings and chains, and was ready to take another step!  She learned to shuttle tat a self-closing mock ring!

7.  Kind words and compliments make me happy!  I have been complimented, out of the blue, in the past two days, on my abilities as a tatter; and after some unkind words I received Saturday, I needed to hear them.  With gratitude to those who care -- JJJJJJJJ

8.  Jane Eborall makes me happy!  She is so clever and inventive, and she's just started another Tat It And See (TIAS) game.  I love to play - it's so much fun to see what the tatting turns out to be, after days of tatting just a ring or two and a chain. 

9.  My cat amuses me!  A lot of the time he's asleep and snoring - in itself amusing - but when he's awake, he's occasionally funny (bordering on hilarious).  The other day I had laid a catalog on the arm of the wingback chair in the living room, intending to carry it to my bedroom when I went back there.  Spooky came moseying in from the kitchen and leaped up onto the chair arm.  On landing on the catalog, he knew something was wrong - the arm was shifting under his feet - so he instinctively tried to walk off it.  Pages flipped, and he started moving faster and faster until he was galloping.  It was hysterically funny - the expression on his furry little face was priceless!  It was like watching a live-action cartoon! 

Oh, and neither the Spooky-Cat nor the catalog were harmed in any way - which amazed us.  He did not fall off the chair nor gain traction and run into a wall.  The catalog, interestingly enough, is intact - not even a single claw mark.  Hmm!

10. Old movies amuse me!  I love the old comedies, particularly the Marx Brothers - the zany wordplay between Groucho and anybody else, the beautiful harp solo by Harpo, the piano playing by Chico - the whole package was right there.  We lucked out a few Christmases ago, when Santa Claus brought us a five-disk set of their movies.  I may be forced to make some hot chocolate, some popcorn, and feast my eyes on Duck Soup this afternoon!

This wasn't as easy as I first thought it would be - of course, Blogger not wanting to cooperate and the phone ringing off the hook this morning didn't help.  I did my 10 - have you done yours yet?   

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  1. Just goes to show that you're an all round happy sorta person, eh? With the blogger problems - I get those sometimes and have found that it's the one browser I'm using. It must've updated and gone bonkers and won't let me upload anymore!!! Weird or what?