Monday, January 10, 2011

S N O W D A Y !

There is a street there, somewhere!

And the flakes have fallen and brought all their icy little friends with them - and I could hear sleet a few minutes ago.  I doubt anything in Greenwood is open, other than emergency services and essential companies. 

Snow everywhere!

This is what snow days are for, Mom!

A few vehicles have driven by (slowly - good for them!) but none in the last hour.  We're a block over from a main road, and there haven't been many vehicles on it either.  I got up and dressed, just in case we were open today, but all the banks are closed due to the weather. 

I am contemplating another cup of hot tea and baking some biscuits - maybe as a light lunch - and there's still some ham I can thaw and do a few ham biscuits - YUM! 

The Palmetto "Call for Teachers" is on the website!  The application for Scholarships is there too.  It's not too early to start making plans for September!


  1. This year I promise to come early and stay late. I so missed out on alot since I couldn't come for friday.
    Can't wait for tat days and all my southern friends.
    By the way I'm waiting for our 3rd state of emergency snow storm as I type this,so I'm feeling your pain.

  2. Bless you, Connie, I'm originally from WV so I'm familiar with state of emergency snow storms - which I'm glad are very infrequent here! The last one like this was over 15 years ago!

    I'm looking forward to Tat Days, too! I really enjoyed the Toccoa facility and am glad we're going back. See you there - on Friday, Sept. 23!