Friday, January 21, 2011

Pink Pandemonium!

I work with a Pink Person.  She likes other colors, too, but her absolute, all-time, over-the-top favorite, hands down, is Pink.  Remember this bracelet from an earlier post?  I finally got around to hiding the ends (all one of them since I encapsulated at the beginning) and decided to wear it to work on Tuesday this week.

My friend, the Pink Person, admired it - and asked if she could try it on.  I handed it over to her and she slipped it on.  She asked if I could make her one - so I asked her color preference.  Why, I don't know...sometimes you just ask the obvious question before you consider that the answer is obvious as well!

Yesterday, I went to work wearing my pink blouse; in my purse was a pink shuttle loaded with pink thread (and gold beads - didn't have a pink that would go with the thread, sorry to say).  I showed the loaded shuttle to the Pink Person, who was delighted to see her favorite color - and amazed to see at lunchtime that I had managed to get over an inch of her bracelet tatted before it was time to clock back in!

Today I took in the WIP and showed her - it's not quite there yet, but another 2-3 rings per side should take care of it.  I'm using five beads per ring, so I'll string 30 more and call it a day.

I couldn't easily unwind the shuttle and string beads at work, so I started another heart with the new Lizbeth thread, "Juicy Watermelon."  It's very pretty!  The pattern, Queen of Hearts, is a classic Mary Konior design; it's in her Tatting With Visual Patterns book (which is one of my go-to books).  Unlike her other books, this one is still pretty available in softcover as well as affordable.


  1. The bracelet is coming along nicely! I'd love to have some of that Juicy Watermelon, but I'm trying to be a good girl and work with what I have. When I attend the lace event in Lafayette in April... look out! I'm going to buy every luscious color that catches my eye!

  2. I try to save a little bit of "fun" money each week - then every few weeks, I'll check what's new in Lizbeth thread and get a few new colors! As I pointed out to DH, when you consider how long a ball of thread will last, it's relatively cheap. He was waaaay too much the gentleman to point out that it's not cheap if I keep buying ball after ball!

    The way I look at it: I don't smoke, I don't drink (communion doesn't count), I don't cheat on my taxes, I don't text when I drive -- I've got to have one vice, and this is it ~~ I buy pretty thread and tat lace of it!

  3. Diane... make sure you bring along with you a portable trunk! (LOL)

    Sharren... I agree with you TOTALLY