Sunday, January 23, 2011

New Tins for Tatting!

Most of us like tins to put our tatting in - preferably little tins, ones that fit nicely in a pocket or purse.  I have a nice collection of tins of various sizes and shapes, and quite a few of them will slip into a pocket easily.  Some won't - but will fit in a purse, tatting bag, or box...some originally held candy, and some were meant to hold gift cards. 
Two of my newest tins were given to me by my daughter, Jessica, who found them at Lowe's (yes, the home-improvement DIY store).  They are so cool - one looks like a little grill and the other like a tiny toolbox!
The toolbox holds the most - and if you're interested, a full ball of Lizbeth will fit in it sideways, with room left for shuttles, hook, and thread nippers.
By the way, the shuttle wound from the ball of Lizbeth is a Pop-A-Bobbin shuttle from 'im in the garage, purchased from Jane Eborall's Etsy shop.  I don't know anything about the wood - just that it's beautiful and the grain is lovely.  Its bobbin is wound up and it's ready to go, but I can't decide what to tat!  Maybe an edging?  A doily?  Some bookmarks?  Decisions, decision...


  1. Oh my stars! Your new tins are so cool! Any chance y'all might find another one you could send my way? I'll gladly pay you Tuesday for a toolbox tin today. *wink*

  2. those made me giggle.. because they are cute! I have this love affair with tins also... tote bags.... baskets....